And she can coax the evil within from the pretenders! Sweet Sydney is on a mission to send the demons back to hell - and the "Devil made Me Do It" is her defense. Issue one is up this week as the series begins. "The Berserker" finds herself lifted aloft by bird-men and adds new meaning to the 'Mile high club'! The robo-dude in "Cyborgasmic!" finally catches on and applies a 'lil robo foreplay (as Kity Lix explains).


Who cares! It feels like the real thing but without all the chatter! "Shelly-Bot" runs the sexual gauntlet as the world watches and so far.. she's perfect! New "Fable of Fright" this week. Check out "The Princess and the Pea, pt1" for a lovely bedtime story. The "Wrath of the Werewolf" is turned upon the surviving hooker and it's unlikely that she'll survive much longer. Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" washes ashore with "It came from the Deep" - not your average beach tale!

That damned sand gets in everywhere!
Mike da Mutant



Hey, you could be chained up and ravaged by a double-dicked alien like the poor gal in "Charante"! So c'mon.. lighten up! And courtship is all relative I guess. The "Cyborgasmic" aliens certainly have a unique approach. "Shelly-Bot" is getting through her beta test with high marks. Such a great design! And it's time for the "Wrath of the Werewolf" to turn on the other victim. The old one stopped moving.


One fella lives the dream in "After School Special". Of course he had to become a werewolf to do it.. but, hey! Nothin's perfect! The "Contamination" gals get through the mutant gang-bang only to be drug off to meet their next tormentor. And he's really creepy! Then the "W.A.B.A.C Machine" takes you down a dark, lonely road where the big boobed alien chicks hang out!

Nothing wrong with that!
Mike da Mutant



..look me in the eye? Kitty Lix narrates another slice of "Cyborgasmic" this week and jiggles her way through the big words. "Shelly-Bot" gets down to business as her new owner tries out her 'suck me' programming features. He really likes the 'deeper' slide-bar! Still struggling, but get nailed in the alley anyway - "Wrath of the Werewolf" bumps and grinds as the monster finally gets her where he wants her this week. She appears to still be a tad reluctant.


A couple of space cops are still dealing with the compromising situation that "The Berserker" left them in when last they met even as she's light-years away doing a mysterious side job. Feeling Dry? "Still Waters" is in the short story section. It's about skinny-dippin' with aliens in the lake! And it's the final chapter of the "Tasty TitBits" 'WHO'S NEXT" story line. It all comes down to the knife! Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spins up a terrific 'run for your life' story called 'Necro Space'. She a gal in a hurry and there lots of ugly 'tween her and where she needs to be!

Ugly? Can do.
Mike da Mutant



Hell, no wonder! The "Cyborgasmic" cybordude doesn't seem to know what the hell to do with her! But don't worry, I'm told that he catches on. Our "Shelly-bot" prototype appears to be performing nominally. So far, I'd say this project is gonna pay big dividends! So lemme get this straight - the hooker is suffering the "Wrath of the Werewolf" - he's stripped her, and runs his tongue all over her - and now she's confused about what that is she feels between her legs? Yup. Only on Monsterbabe Central.


Becky's doin' what she does so well with her bf when some mangy critter nips him on the hand. And somehow that leads to a complete brutality make-over for the nerd kid. And Becky LOVES it! Guess that's what makes "After School so Special"? A deadly "Heritage" is up in the short story section and "Contamination" resumes with even more mutant sex! Then a deal is a deal in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" as a savvy chick shows how to negotiate in ""Playing Hardball".

Mike da Mutant



Kitty Lix almost did as she presents "CYBORGASMIC" in her own humble fashion. We haven't learned much about the ancient aliens yet.. but a lot about Kitty! Then starting this week the "EMCA Trials - Shelly-bot 2.0" begins! Right outta the headlines - she's the go-to robo-gal that every fella needs! "Wrath of the Werewolf" gets down for some fun before the chomping begins and "The Berserker" gets her revenge on the Ant Queen and sets out anew in her quest for her evil creator.

Just to even things out, we've got "The Ghmee Toy" (kind of a Shelly-bot for gals) and "Turin the Impaler" (all the chicks dig him). Naturally, the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has got a zinger - "Mutant John". It's inspirational how he overcomes his handicap!

Yep, down-right inspiring!
Mike da Mutant



from the past! Like 8000 years ago. "CYBORGASMIC" begins with a double-sized clip this week. Kitty Lix (Spacebabe Commands ace reporter) reveals the details about a long-gone race of cyborgs, specifically, their mating ritual! FUN raunchy flic with lots grins and some great action. Then "Channeling Evil" concludes this week with another long clip. Get it now - it'll be REPLACED next week! "The Wrath of the Werewolf" resumes with more nibbles and gropes and surprisingly, some fight from our buxom victim!


"Contamination" resumes as the girls get ambushed by a slightly more friendly version of mutant. At least they don't try to kill them - much. "Charante" picks up with an escape and immediate regret when out heroine walks right in to the creatures trap. Not lookin' good for the home team guys. Becky pulls a long, long chain as every ghoul in the neighborhood lines up and has a go with her. She finally discovers her limit in "After School Special"! Then "The Quick and the Undead" concludes deep, deep within the bowels of the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine." Bring a light.

Maybe two.
Mike da Mutant



GIVES HER THE BILL! The "Darazumi Human Trap" comes to a very messy happy ending this week ('least for the Drazumi) and when he's had his way he charges her! Disturbingly, I kinda like his attitude, ya know? "Channeling Evil" continues with a full-fledged passion pass by the possessed medium on 'lil sis! This guys a tit man fer sure - "Wrath of the Werewolf" becomes squeeze 'n lick of the werewolf. "The Berserker" turns the table on the ant queen and puts her to good use but it seemed a bit too easy.


"Tasty Titbits" presents chapter six of "Who's Next". He's starting to question what he's doing to the ex? "Lightning Strikes" at the worst possible time for one dedicated science chick. Or maybe she likes the lab work? Finally, the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up the first of a two-part adventure called "The Quick and the Undead". Don't gamble if you can't pay your debts!

Too late for me.
Mike da Mutant



There's a lot goin' on. The "Drazumi Human Trap" has sprung and now the alien has her bent over and lovin' it! Big brother is back and he's taking the mediums body so he can do some serious catch up with his sister in "Channeling Evil"! Then - he plays with his food and he's just scored a banquet! Double yummy time as a couple workin' girls face the "Wrath of the Werewolf" in a grisly photo comic!


Becky didn't see it coming - she didn't know that she was screwin' a corpse! But this "After School Special" reveals the awful truth! "Contamination" resumes with some improbable insertions and a BIG happy ending! So you KNOW they're doomed.. "Simple Simon" picks a very yummy pie in this weeks "Fable of Fright" and "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" shows what could happen if you mess with the wrong gal! Bad Ju-Ju indeed!

Mike da Mutant



and run away wet! "Possession" wraps it up this week. But I don't understand, he's got 'em all limbered up and he's gonna let 'em escape? Breena gives a hearty (if involuntary) 'welcome to Earth' to her new alien BFF in the "Drazumi Human Trap" and you can be sure this guy's gonna be a repeat visitor! Gosh golly, is that big-boobed mystic "Possessed"? Or does she normally get all sexy with her female clients? I'm thinking yes - to both.


Hardly. "The Berserker" doesn't let an opportunity to get her rocks off go to waste. Even in jail! But the ant queens justice is about to be administered! Beware of "Baby John" if yer thinkin' about a secluded rendezvous! He won't even wait until you're done with her! So this hot but dumb prison guard lets a prisoner loose to 'stretch his legs'... and I can't imagine anything going wrong, can you? Check out "Monster Prison" and see how it turns out. Then wrap up the tour with the final installment of "Alignment" in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine".

Mike da Mutant



Wow. I wasn't done really with '17 yet! But I'm kinda digging '18 so far. So let's get to it with "Channeling Evil" - it replaces 'Sarah'. It's a BIG clip to catch up from last weeks holiday sloth. A medium is hired to channel a girls dead brother for some important closure. But if she had a clue about this sister and brother's real relationship she would have run away screaming! Now it's too damn late. "The Drazumi Human Trap" continues and it's not too tough to figure out why these alien assholes keep returning to our 'lil planet - Earth girls! They're soooo easy! And impossible multi-penetrations continue in "Possessed" and the gals resistance seems to be diminishing. Maybe they're starting to catch the spirit? ET TU ASHE?

Yep. She's an amoral mecho-lectrical titty-robot! And she's gonna make sure that "Charonte's" Ellen gets impregnated by the invader. She's got some terrific optional features! Sweet Becky decides to boost her GPA with a kinky rendezvous with her high school principle. But their choice of venue turns out to be a poor decision. It's a burnt out high school where a bunch of party animals got cooked as "After School Special" smolders along! His suit is ripped open and he's been "Contaminated" but there might just be a way.... desperate times! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presents the second installment of the "alignment" series. Sure, she was a great lay but you REALLY don't want to cross her afterwards!

Chicks.. go figure.
Mike da Mutant



And she'll do whatever he wants! "The Drazumi Human Trap" resumes with the buxom babe get'n placed so that her head hangs off the table and now it's time to slither the alien snake! And slither she does. Earth girls are soooo easy! I kept "Sarah Sharpton" around for another week while I'm finishing up it's replacement - fresh flic next week with a double update! Uh-oh.. "Poison" CONCLUDES this week! And what a great way to wrap up the year. "The Berserker" learns her fate as she watches the Ant men defeat a girl in combat then violently take her. But they don't know our gal!

He can't make up his spooky mind which girl he wants most "Possessed" so he keeps alternating between them. Forcing each one to do nasty, dirty, TERRIBLE things to the other! But hey.. variety is the spice, right? A new "Tasty TITBIT" is up. "Who's Next" #5 debuts as the bad guys hit list gets shorter and shorter. Then wrappin' up the week and the year, the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presents the first of a three part series called "Alignment". Modern witches play dirty!

Thanks for hangin' in there this year.
Best wishes for a cosmic 2018!
Mike da Mutant



So there she is, just driving along when >clunk clunk< sends her to the closest repair shop. Little did she know that she'd just fallen into the "Drazumi Human Trap"! Breena's gonna get a tune up to remember but it won't help her car! "Sarah Sharpton" LOVES IT! Guess that why she claims it never happened, huh? Well, it's over this week but the memories will linger. Impossible penetrations? No problem for a slimy spook and two hotties in "Possessed!". GET GOIN' GREEN!

Sweet, sweet Becky saves the town this week when she corners the little green monster and threatens to stop her promiscuity unless he leaves the people alone. He's helpless to oppose the "After School Special" town slut - she can starve him out! The "Contamination" gals try to capture a beast but end up compromising the last man on Earth to the mutant plague! Now what will they do? Long simmering lust explodes as "The Hunchback" gets his gorgeous tormentor in an abandoned alley and does what he always wanted to! "Dracula Erotic" pops up in this weeks "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" and there's love in the air! Maybe he's tired of eternity alone?

Merry Christmas!
Mike da Mutant



Why the hell not? The "ACME BCD" info-mercial ends this week with an amazing demonstration of it's capabilities and you NEED one! Last chance... "Sarah Sharpton" is digging the alien schlong BIG TIME! No wonder she denies it happened! "Possession" goes through a roll change and the spirit is moving! Time for a "Fable of Fright"! 'Beauty and the Beast' tells the story as it REALLY happened! SWIG IT DOWN!

"Poison" works on flora? Yep - and there's gonna be a growth spurt of criminal proportions! "The Berserker" is still on the trail of her nemesis but she gets detoured in the underground lair of the Ant-men! Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" pops up with "Blood Lust" and it's heavy on the 'Lust' side of things! Well, 'least at first.

And that's a wrap!
Mike da Mutant



Yep, the "ACME BCD" allows any man to take control! Get one while you still can! (Not for sale to politicians or the entertainment industry). "Sarah Sharpton" won't talk about her abduction experience and this week we find out why! And the cowardly one, now "Possessed" by the horny spook, teaches her friend what deep throat is all about! "Charante" returns with a relentless creature taking an unwilling partner places that she never knew existed! And then there was one. "OH MOM!"

Becky returns home to find her uber-slutty mom get'n double teamed by a couple handy locals. But the 'lil green monster has followed her and turns the tryst into a disaster! "After School Special" indeed! The fierce females of "Contamination" follow their stalker home and discover that he's one of the good guys. Now they're gonna see just how good! Then the ever-lovin' "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" finds "Zilora" out trolling for trouble - which she finds in spades! But who's the real threat here?

Not me!
Mike da Mutant



And she's yours to command! That's the magic of the "ACME BCD"! (Patent pending). "Sarah Sharpton" is in a world of trouble as the alien starts looking for other fun spots. Let's see her spit it THIS TIME. The spook in "POSSESSED" takes over the cowardly ones body and immediately puts it to good use - on her friend! I CAN EXPLAIN!

"The Berserker" makes her getaway but leaves the pursuing cops with a bit of a situation to deal with. They make the best of it! "Poison" returns but the reporting is kinda tiresome. Fortunately, the subject matter isn't! The monsters get a real workout in this edition of "Tasty TitBits". Followed by a hearty meal. And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presents "Space Cool" where even the highly trained and educated get down 'n dirty!

As often as possible.
Mike da Mutant



Then my friend.. we gotcha covered! You'll want to buy two "ACME BCD" devices so that you can keep one! Never mind that they're outlawed in every country in the world - you KNOW that you want one! Otherwise you'll just have to pluck 'em up off the street like the alien in "The Abduction of Sarah Sharpton". And there's some serious spook-throat is goin' on in "Possessed". But I think it's just the warm-up. WHODA THUNK?

That a 'lil quicky in the janitors closet would kick off a demonic assault in "After School Special"? Uh-oh, the guy in the space suit just got cornered by the "Contamination" babes. Now what will they do with him? "Mission X" is up in the short story section and the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spews forth another serial killer serial - "Zilora" #2!

Brain Control Device. Gotta have it!
Mike da Mutant



And now it's off to hell to enjoy those Oracles as "ANUBIS" concludes today! Despair not - next week I've got something really special lined up to replace it. REALLY SPECIAL.. More to come. "Sarah Sharpton" is giving her unworldly captor a warm, wet Earth girl welcome. But she's a little put out by all the attention. Funny, she doesn't seem like a shy one! The clean-up gals have a REAL MESS on their hands in "Possessed" but a mop ain't gonna help 'em. FOILED AGAIN!

"The Berserker" had him in her sites then all-the-sudden >WHAM< she's a perverts sex toy again! Better luck next time? "The Pool Man" returns for another victim - and this one won't be telling any tales. And she's got a strange fetish for monsters so "Poison" is her go-to aphrodisiac. Guess there's no accounting for taste.. The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has a golden oldie called "The Cave". Underground explores discover waaay more than the expected! When will they learn?

And that's a wrap!
Mike da Mutant



Then mount up and check out. "Sarah Sharpton". One of our original Abduction documentaries, but one that the abductee tried to disavow. We thought we were at a dead end. Then we got the tape.. Then "Anubis" flips the priestess over and gives her some more of the underworld dong as the Oracles burn! "Possessed" takes up again with a whole lotta scary shit and a couple of now half-naked hotties that are coming unglued.

Next comes the comic series. "Contamination" catches up with the girls as they make the best of a bad situation. "After School Special" wraps up the museum story and it's a smashing good time! "Charante" continues with more alien besmirching and a timely betrayal. "Zilora" is a terrific piece of ass but the price is a wee bit steep. Check out the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" for the details.

That's where the devil is!
Mike da Mutant



You Betcha! 6 of 9 completes her "We are the GORB" mission this week! And the Oracles gets a warm reception in hell as "Anubis" pounds the high priestess! "Possessed" fires up this week. Two down-on-their-luck hotties take a gig to empty out an old studio but discover that they're NOT alone! "Tasty Tit Bits" is back with "Who's Next" part three. It's coming to a head!


Those Spacebabes can do lotsa thing (besides THAT). "The Berserker" powers through the protection to kill her quarry while "Poison" turns into voyeur theater for a murky mutant who likes to watch. And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up a tasty tale of one hot mamma and her son-in-law - too busy bangin' to notice the Sasquatch in the room!

Mike da Mutant



Well, everybody else is! "ANUBIS" tells his his priestess to break the lip-lock and bend over while 6 of 8 has "The GORB" right where she wants him! The post-apocalyptic mutants are gettin' LOTS in "Contamination" but they're about to get the bill for their goodies while "The Pool Man" enjoys the poolside nooky - even if it's a bit of a surprise to the naked sunbather of his dreams.


Yeah, "Bump in the Night" wraps it up this week and nobody gets anything that they want this time. Sometimes it just doesn't work out! But the "After School Special" features EVERYBODY get'n some in the highly education museum tour. Lotsa "goin' down" on history"! Hyper-sneaky aliens plunder the local babe in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presentation of "Nightmare" - an example of a nice gal get'n more than she wants!

So get going!
Mike da Mutant



We're down to it! "Anubis" is get'n the best kinda worship from his high priestess and "The Gorb" is get'n seriously humped by his well-intentioned savior! "Bump in the Night" flips as one gal sees her opportunity to strike and decides she needs to live more than the other. "Poison" continues with a side-bar story about a man with bad intentions and his unexpected "cure".


"The Berserker" sneaks into a closely guarded hotel to kill a man. And her methods will surely end him! The "Triple X Cop" is on the hunt and if she catches you.. well, better be prepared! Naturally, the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" offers up something creepy. Sex in the graveyard! Check out "Orgy of the Horny Dead".

Don't stay in the dark!
Mike da Mutant



"Anubis" is restored to the world of men this week as all 4 Oracles have been subdued and await his pleasure. But first, the High Priestess is going to greet her god warmly - and show the others what is expected! Then 6 of 8 moves on to other "tactile stimulation' as her drone experiment ramps up to a new phase. Drone or not, this "Gorb" is get'n the high end treatment! Chained and still defiant, he took a lot more than a "Bump in the Night" and now she wants her reward. But she ain't gonna like it!


"Charonte" resumes and the surviving crew has to fix things if they want to live. But how long before the creature recovers? "After School Special" continues and there's a new kid in town. Becky snags him for a quick tryst in the museum. But it seems that he's been there before! "Contamination" fills in a little back-story as we learn who these chicks really are and what they're up against. Finally, the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" tosses up "Heart of the Haunted" - and it's a rough rough ride!

So bounce along!
Mike da Mutant



There's no escape from "Anubis" but this final Oracle certainly tries. Pity it didn't work out for her. Then 6 of 8 continues to enhance her probing of "The Gorb" male drone. I suspect that she's done this before. "Bump in the Night" is more of a bump in the ass this week as the sole survivor pays her dues to the madman.


"The Berserker" has her hands (and everything else) full of writhing space monster and resorts to desperate measures to escape. Then she gets closer to her creator. "Poison" takes a twist when we learn of some "minor" side effects. But that won't stop progress! Then "Who's Next 2" is a brand new "Tasty Tit-Bit" and another beauty bites the dust! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" features "New Breed" this week. As the hunters get better the Vampires evolve?

Not me.
Mike da Mutant



The last Oracle must be more resistant than the rest 'cause the evil priestess spends a lot of time and effort "softening" her up! But she'll do what she must to prepare her for her coupling with "Anubis"! Meanwhile the curious former drone known as 6 of 8 has decided on a course of action. She'll suck out those pesky nanites! "We are the Gorb" is certainly a learning experience. Then "Bump in the Night" takes a darker turn as failing to please the master becomes fatal!


It came to earth and changed everything. The comet turned the men into ugly beasts with permanent woodies and they spend their time hunting for the surviving females. "Contaminated" begins with the story of one gal that wasn't fast enough to escape her stalker. "After School Special" resumes with Becky's mad dash home to escape the huge psycho killer that has left crushed sculls all over town. But Becky didn't count on teaming up with her mom to "defeat" him! A young truck driver pulls into the "Phantom Diner" and gets some first class service. But there's always a downside. Then lo and behold the mighty "<W.A.B.A.C. Machine" as Donny presents "Frankensteins Bride". Her job is to test the monsters "equipment" and she takes her job SERIOUSLY!

See? You CAN get good help!
Mike da Mutant



6 of 8 wastes no time getting right to the heart of the matter in her quest to rid the Gorb drone of his nanites. She's got a good grip on the subject in "We Are The Gorb". Meanwhile "Anubis" partakes of the third Oracle until she's consumed and the final one arrives and is mastered.The masked creep in "Bump in the Night" gave the milkmaid a little slack - but that's all. Now it the other gals turn to curry favor. A sorority wannabe gets snatched by her "sisters" in "ABDUCTED" and the are not who she thought they were!


"The Berserker" wanders within the grasp of a creature that might be a better sex killer than her! This is gonna be a battle! "POISON" is back and when you've got some.. you'll get some! And we're going back to basics with "Ecstasy of One Bite" in this weeks "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" offering. You play, methinks you gonna pay !

Mike da Mutant



Oh Yeah! 6 of 8 is on a mission to save the helpless Gorb now that they've defeated. And she's got all the right equipment to suck those pesky nanobots right out of her test subject! "We Are The Gorb" starts now! "Anubis" enjoys the worship of the third oracle as she does her duty upon her new god. But his hunger won't let this last long. The mother/daughter team has done their part of the deal in "Bump in the Night" but will the madman really let her go? And poor busty Becky can't even get laid without some maniac squashing skulls and trying to kill her. But can the naked nympho outrun the crazed killer and get to the safety of home? Find out in "After School Special"!


"CHARONTE" is back and while the men are dropping like flies, the female crew are really the ones to take the, uh, strange road. Alien sex is apparently quite penetrating! Two chicks get hypnotized in a "Vaudeville" side-show and are made to do >GASP< BAD THINGS! But he probably coulda' just asked.. The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up a little lesson on "If it looks too good to be true.." to a guy that didn't learn - when he discovers the "Black Widows Secrets".

Curiosity kills again!
Mike da Mutant



The Oracle gets the deluxe priestess treatment and the approval of Horus's eye so.. up to the mummy she goes! And she just can't resist his rigor mortised member! Nice throat work for her new god "Anubis". And the "lil creature" has had 'em both but wants more - so the chase is on in "Containment"! Then it's time to suck it or DIE in "Bump in the Night" but she's still hesitating - even as she gets encouragement from, uh.. her mom!


"Poison" gets a distributor this week after the good doctor agrees to a little demonstration. And >WHAM< another satisfied customer! And she's the best time you've ever had - unless you disappoint her. And you DON'T want to disappoint "The Berserker"! A fresh "Tasty TitBit" is up. The monster's got a hit list and the first to be consumed gets gobbled! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" goes giddy over "The Plumbing Monster" this week - and so does his victim!

Fingers crossed for FLA.
Mike da Mutant



The new Oracle for "Anubis" came in like a house afire but in seconds the priestess has her naked and writhing on the floor. Such contempt: she makes her "warm herself up"! Then: what's big, invisible and really horny? Well nobody really knows but it's slipped "Containment" and is bangin' both big-boob babes in Spacebabe Commands old annex! And with her life in the balance, there's a babe who'll kneel and suck and narrate the whole experience to her MOM as it happens in "Bump in the Night"!


Becky's mom is even hotter than her and while they're both self-absorbed there's a mad killer on the loose and soon their paths with cross in "After School Special"! The "Abduction" comes to a climax as juvenile aliens satisfy their urges with the hapless Earthgirl. No respect.. "Rhonda Retro" finally gets the recognition that she craves for her daring deeds. But she'll likely find the alien "ceremony" a bit intense! And those damn pesky Nazis try for a comeback with an uber-boobed bad girl. Alas, it doesn't go much better than the last time! Check out "Nazi babe Vs the Zombies" in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine"!

And here in the USA it's a three day weekend!
Till next week,
Mike da Mutant



So they were expecting something about the size of a mouse but found something that's bigger than them and invisible. No surprise really. That kinda stuff happens around here a lot. But getting banged by the see-through lab critter isn't really "Containment"! And "Anubis" sucks up another Oracle but fear not! There's more! "Bump in the Night" gets even kinkier and there's a brand new "STAR WOES" story about the Silver Slut!


"Poison" and the effects thereof are assessed by the good doctor this week and "The Berserker" shows how to handle a couple nosy space-cops! Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up a night of drag-addled vampirism from back in the "sock-it-to-me" days of yore.

Mike da Mutant



Could be. The FBI is missing an agent and she's unlikely to come back to work now that she's "Anubis" second conquest. 'Least she got her cookies off first! The itty bitty creature in "Containment" wasn't tough to find. Maybe 'cause it ain't so small no mo! One sick mutha has two chicks chained up and now they're eager to please him in "Bump in the Night". If they can.. "CHARONTE" is back with a new issue! Now the monster isn't the imminent threat - it's the infected crew!


Or not.. "Rhonda Retro" tries to take in a bad hombre but his invitation to a mud bath was just too hard to resist! "After School Special" returns with the long awaited Succubus showdown! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" dug deep and came up with "Zombies" - all about some back-road sex gone way, way wrong!

And so it goes,
Mike da Mutant



Yeah. So a couple of Spacebabes walk into a basement sub level and.. discover that the "lil creature" that got loose isn't so 'lil no 'mo! But he's got good taste in victims! "Containment" - starts now! And "Anubis" must be proud of his priestess for the way she preps those Oracles! I guess she's the foreplay? Things that go "..Bump in the Night" really should scare you. Check out the photo-comic and see for yourself!


There's a new "Tasty Tit-Bit" up and it's finger-lickin' good! (If your species has fingers). That "POISON" is making the rounds and this week a real squealer gets PORKED! "The Berserker" does what she does best (besides killing) and earns a clue so she can continue her deadly vendetta. But the cops are closing in! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" thinks that girls are a tasty treat too - check out "Snacktime".

It causes munchies!
Mike da Mutant


1 DOWN, 3 TO GO!

"ANUBIS" ramps up with the abduction of another Oracle this week. And the high-priestess makes sure that she's worthy of pleasing the moldy god before he gets a crack at her. Another chick just got "Abducted"! And she's not even getting the usual probing - yet. Just some heavy petting from the aliens' offspring! "Character Test" wraps it up with the final attempt to catch Mr. Quicky but it didn't go exactly as planned. Shocking, huh?


Dionise, CA has been invaded by the succubus triplets and they're leave a trail of satisfied (but dead) men all over town. Fortunately our heroine is aware of the situation and has rallied the troops for a real "After School Special"! "Rhonda Retro" has been sent to rehab for her carnal misadventures. Problem is that the "counselor" has taken a little too much interest in her case! "Formula ZTZ" wraps it up with the wrath of the Spacebabe unleashed upon her tormentors. It's gruesome but it DOES make her feel better! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" tells the tale of showerdous interruptdous - a stowaway monster thinks that the captain's real cute!

Can't blame him!
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Yup, the first Oracle gets "processed" this week (after serving up all her goodies to her new God). I'm not a fan of the wrapped rag attire but I'd sure take some of what he's get'n! Check out "Anubis" for the supernatural kinks! Then the first trap was a bust so the brilliant bimbos of "Character Test" try again with some fresh bait. We'll see how that works out..


And again and again. Poor Spacebabe.. if she wasn't so damn hot maybe the mutants wouldn't just keep banging her to blisters? But then "Formula ZTZ" wouldn't be as much fun, would it? There's a new "STAR WOE"! "Aliens in Cowgirls" (kinda self-explanatory don't ya think?). Even an evil assassin sex freak needs a little down-time, but "The Berserker" just can't catch a break! Her mecho-orgasm is interrupted by a CRASH from a hull-piercing space rock and now the shit's in the wind! "Poison" - it just keeps spreading! It turns nerds into hideous sex-crazed mutants and the girls can't get enough of it! And wrappin' it up comes the ever-lovin' "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" with "Jungle Gem" a tale of an otherworldly encounter deep in the jungle.

Me Alien, you Jane?
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"Stick it in you mouth"! And she does! The first Oracle in "ANUBIS" does what she's told - including sticking her service pistol down her throat. And it's NOT a suicide. More like a soul-icide. Then the oh-so-clever trap set by the Spacebabes of "Character Test" worked every bit as well as expect. A complete backfire! "Formula ZTZ" resumes with a now deflowered Spacebabe whining about her lost virginity. And if ya believe THAT one..


And now the gals of "Charonte>" are out for blood - ALIEN blood. New chapter is up! When a rival cheerleader team sucks all the energy out of the basketball squad, our sweet heroin vows to get to the bottom of it in "After School Special"! "Rhonda Retro" can't squirm out of her latest screw-up. She's just gotta please the mecho-man and hope for the best (and she doesn't get her wish). Then the mighty "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" came up with a great one this week. "Labirynth" from Rom - one of the best!

Ya gotta love that guys work!
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Man.. never had a movie as requested as "ANUBIS"! So due to popular demand it begins this week. And if somehow you don't know about this one .. well, that's why I put up and extra long preview! Enjoy - I will. The Spacebabes in "Character Test" finally meet the enemy but is that super-swift clothes snatcher out of their league? "The Berserker" tracks down one of those responsible for her strange existence and sucks the life right out of him! (But hey, if ya gotta go..).


Your "Poison" that is. Yep. More of that transformational stuff has hit the streets and there's one gal who won't waste a drop! Yummy! Stunning model Stephanie returns in "Formula ZTZ" and promptly gets ambushed and face-fucked by a guy who (I'm certain) is just an ardent admirer. It's all just a big misunderstanding, right? When the wife cheats on him with another woman an angry hubby sets out to make things right in this week's "Tasty Tit-Bit" called "BUSTED". Let's just say she won't do that again - or anything else. Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" lets crawl a fatal tale of she who mates - then kills. It's called "The Black Widow" and will definitely give you the creepies!

Diggin' the balmy 110's+ here in the oven of the Southwest.. NOT!
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Dunno about global warming.. but it's 111 degrees in Tucson today! So in between wiping sweat we posted some stuff to heat you up too. "Character Test" has a couple of hotties sulking around in the dark, weapons drawn, but for what? Then "DEATHMATCH:Tribulations" CONCLUDES this week with a double update. Why? So I can satisfy a surprising number of demands for "ANUBIS"! NEXT WEEK!


"VIOLATED" wraps it up as well with a less-than-inspiring conclusion for SpaceBabe Command. "After School Special" makes a couple horny school girls learn a lesson and "Rhonda Retro" gets plundered by another bad guy.. what a shock! There's a scary tale called "Trap Door" in the short story section and the ever-lovin' "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits out a grizzly one called "The Butcher"!

Next stop: ANUBIS!
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This week there's a fresh flic, "Character Test", "DEATH MATCH :Tribulations" continues, "Violated" carries on with the violation, more "Poison" is offered, "The Berserker" begins, "Charante" continues & "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" rolls out "Spoils of War"!

'till next week,
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After all, the cute 'lil blonde MADE the monster that's havin' at her as the "RANCOR Project" wraps it up this week! And the killer blondes are doin' just that in "DEATHMATCH: Tribulation"! They're outta control! "Violated" had a rescue scheduled but it looks like it's turned into an alien 3-way. Just can't get good help these days!


"After School Special" proceeds with the dreamy teacher's seduction but suddenly he goes from dream to nightmare! "No Way to treat a Lady" is a hard-core "get the vampire" short story and the amazing "Rhonda Retro" returns to show us her sterner side. Finally, the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" features "Info Extraction" from Donny. "We have ways..."

And indeed.. she does!
Mike da Mutant



of this week's "POISON"! The fantastic artwork of Rom returns as his signature series begins! The boys'll lining up around the block for THIS formula! "Cassiopeia" makes more friends and influences.. uh, "people" this week but there's a plot in the offing that's gonna change everything. This week's "Tasty TitBit" is "Check Up". It seems that the monster's eating habits are annoying the wife!


The poor 'lil alien in "DEATHMATCH:Tribulations" has finally gotten aggressive but just when he latches on to the killer blondes throat and starts to take charge those big boobs catch his attention and WHAM! Blonde-sided. The "RANCOR Project" evil doctor finally corners the cute little researcher in the lab and despite her protestations he's just not gonna let her escape. Legs go up in the air and the screaming begins! There are rescues and then there are fuster-clucks.. "Violated" doesn't seem to be heading towards a rescue. More like a three way pounding! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" just spewed up "The Devil's Wishing Well" complete with wishes granted - and undisclosed costs!

There's always a catch.
Mike da Mutant



the corridors of the "Rancor Project" as the transformed doctor takes his revenge on everyone! And "DEATHMATCH: Tribulations" brings the pain as Spacebabes DOMINATE ('least for now). "Rhonda Retro" - the Spacebabe with the mostest gets the high hard one as she bumbles her way from one Xenobang to another - always protesting and bemoaning her lost virtue!

"Violation" becomes a double-violation as Spacebabe command send a big-boob-bimbo to do a rescue. But you can kinda figure out how that's gonna go! And one of my favorites "After School Special" returns! Follow the other-worldly antics of the alternate high school gang as they wrestle with their raging hormones (and every shade of evil supernatural being) in beautiful downtown Dionise , CA!

"Formula X21" shows the danger of untested drugs and unexpected consequences and the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" wraps up the "Caught a Falling Star" mini-series with a dramatic intervention and an unlikely hero.

Who? Me?
Mike da Mutant



"Wicked Weird Tales" wraps up the series this week with a flourish! A flourish of Vampire wings! Then the "RANCOR Project" crew starts dying as the chain reaction to an attempted murder sets loose the nastiest creature on Earth! He wasn't all that likable when he was human! "VIOLATED" gets down to it's name-sake as the captured Spacebabe gets bent over and "explored"! And "DEATHMATCH: Tribulations" is a slaughter! The blondes have figured out how to win and Shannon is on a TEAR!


"Cassiopeia" is the target of a hunt and they don't take long to find her! This gal's the good time had by all but as usual.. there's a price! "CHARANTE" is back with a big, BIG problem as one crew member is down - impaled by the lustful creature from the derelict ship, and another one just wanders into the scene of the crime! Now two crewies are at the non-existent mercy of the tripod-like creature from hell! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" is just hummin' along as "Caught a Falling Star" continues with an epic assault! EPIC!

Summer's heatin' up!
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When a nubile earth girl gets taken by some boobie-lusting alien scumbag Spacebabe Central dispatches a rescuer to put things right! But that's when "Violated" really goes all to hell. "DEATHMATCH:Tribulations" - everybody deserves a second chance right? Well the blondes are back in the mix and they've decided that this time they will NOT be the victims! One of the naked scientists SNAPS this week and shoots the evil pervert that runs the "RANCOR Project". But instead of dying politely this jerk gulps the new formula and now the shit's REALLY in the wind!


There's three short stories up this week. "Attack of the Dickheads" really livens up the school day for a couple of babes while "Routine Patrol" focuses on the downside of law enforcement. "Colossal Cunt" has gotta be one of the strangest of Basta's comics but the again.. he' done some strange ones. And the first of a three-part "Caught a Falling Star" is up in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine"! Superb artwork and two more issues forthcoming!

Have a great Memorial Day holiday on Monday!
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"Cassiopeia" spies some pirates offloading a treasure chest but ends up being the one who gets plundered! "The RANCOR Project" wraps up the celebration but an outburst foreshadows the inevitable bloodshed and disaster. And the two new blondes find out what the "DEATHMATCH: tribulations" are all about. They were happier not knowing..


"Tasty Titbits" makes a splash with the one that got away in a big departure for the series and "Eew Goo Two" details the latest attack of the serial gooer. Then "Wicked Weird Tales" presents a dark tale about a gal that was victimized - and then got even! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" cranks out "Tales of the Unexpecting" for the abduction believer in everybody.

I Believe!
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Hmm.. A couple of hot blondes just got dumped into "DEATHMATCH:Tribulations"! Still gyrating as they beam in - they find out fast that NOW they're dealing with a more "demanding" clientele! Meanwhile Shannon begins another challenge. No rest for the busty! And after the breakthrough it's celebration time at the "RANCOR Project". NO ONE is immune as the lust and perversion takes hold!


Like being afraid of the dentist.. but sometimes there's reason to be afraid - check out "Dr. Brooks" in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine"! There's a new "STAR WOES" story! "Fuck Rogers" in the 69th century.. Need I say more? Then how about the final issue of "Jedi Justice"? Justice? Maybe. Revenge for sure! Poor 'lil Martian.. he didn't know what he was getting himself into. Now all he desires is to "Escape from the Horny Earth Female"! And Slid's back with "Eeew Goo!". Silly putty it ain't!

Thanks - until next week!
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Hope so, 'cause even though "XXXtraordinary Encounters" concludes for us, the Earth girls aren't anywhere near done! Give 'em points for stamina. This week Shannon fatally puts away her tormentor in "DEATHMATCH: Tribulations" but there's always another alien punk who wants to take on the champ. And this time it'll be with edged weapons? EEK! "The RANCOR Project" hits a milestone as the the evil doctor catches a nut and there's been a breakthrough in the lab! But how good can the science be under these conditions?


"Cassiopeia" runs into another alien scumbag this week and he's a horse of a different color. Literally.. Then tune in to "Wicked Weird Tales" for a newscast that won't win an Emmy.. but just might take the prize at the adult film awards! It's ON! "Charante" is POWERFUL this week as the redheaded beauty with the bod-to-die-for gets IMPALED by her oversized alien admirer! Somehow she doesn't burst but it's safe to say that no Earth-man is gonna please her after this! And be careful who you confess to - the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presents the tawdry tale of a genuine cad (old-folk for scumbag) who gets his comeuppance - and then some!

Happened to me once too.
Mike da Mutant



Maybe not, but he still manages to bring Shannon TO HER KNEES in this week's "DEATHMATCH: Tribulations" update! And brother.. that's ALWAYS a worthy goal. Than the evil scientist wacko in "The RANCOR Project" gets some special "scientific" attention this week. Our heroine watches and plays with herself but how much longer until she joins in the perversion? Those silly Earth girls! This week they go head over heals to please the 'lil gray bastards in "XXXtraordinary Encounters"! Upside down, inside out - whatever it takes!


Just for "Galaxy Trek" though! Yup.. "Star Woes" presents the long-awaited spoof of Galaxy Quest and in our version the bad guy doesn't lose at the end. He's just misunderstood and needful! Part two of "Jedi Justice" is up in the short story section as is the conclusion of "Rogue Vampire". Lasers and vampires that REALLY suck.. what could go wrong? Then the ever-lovin' "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" rolls out with "Under a Barren Sky" - just the thing for a quick tentacle fix!

Siqourney with blond hair and big knocks..
Mike da Mutant



Oh sure, she's a big talker when complying to her fellow scientist-babes but when the all-hands lead researcher decides that it's her turn to be fondled.. what's she gonna do? Get groped! And that's where to problem really begins for the "Rancor Project". Then how many of you guys are ancient enough to remember Bruce Lee? Well for those of us that do, there's always a scene after he's been attacked where his shirt somehow gets in the way and with a flourish he rips it off and you know that some serious ass-kickin' is coming. And this week Shannon does it - BETTER! So go watch "DEATHMATCH:Tribulations" and have a flashback!


It's all COMIC SERIES this week. First the "Fables of Fright" series pushes the limits of perverted prose with "What little BIG girls are made of" as told by a ghostly intruder. Then "Cassiopeia on Danger Planet" gets a fresher as Cassi makes the acquaintance of the bird people! Naturally, every feather-mucker wants some. "Wicked Weird Tales" is up with a special yarn about a curvy real estate sales gal who's discovered a hidden bonus in one of her listed houses! There goes the neighborhood..


has NOTHING to do with the heinous goin's on in "XXXtraordinary Encounters". The 'lil gray guys aren't even taking notes! But they ARE having a great time with two terrified Earth girls by stuffing every available orifice with their alien probes! Nope- nothing to be learned here - but what a sweet way to pass Earth-side shore leave! And for those evil aliens unable to make the trip to our planet for rape and pillage there's a new way to enjoy molesting the babes! Check out "VR" in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine"!

Ain't technology grand?
Mike da Mutant



Duhh...yeah! And it's only gonna get worse as the evil head scientist insists on some great scientist head! "The Rancor Project" subjects each of the brainy beauties to the same ghastly mistreatment. He wants them all to "swallow his pride" and they do! "DEATHMATCH: Tribulations" goes all flash-back as Shannon testifies to her captors. Poor Shannon..


PENETRATING insight into the little gray menace this week in "XXXtraordinary Encounters" as panicked babes get pounded by oversized alien probes! SHORT STORIES: "Jedi Justice" 1 of 3, "Sister Siobhan" (freakin' hysterical) & "Rogue Vampire" - also 1 of 3! Then the wayward "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" delivers "INTRUDERS". Just don't lose yer head about it!

At least try not to.
Mike da Mutant



"Cassiopeia" begins a six-part series this week with the aid of an admiring robot. But when she crashes on an alien planet and the local husky takes a liking to her the robot's not much help! Now she's out to see what else might threaten her. And she won't have to look far. "XXXtraordinary Encounters" gets down to the grapple this week as three nasty little grays corner two busty Earth chicks and their motive becomes clear. Clearly NASTY!


Beautiful and brilliant she may be but the replacement scientist in "The Rancor Project" just found out that her peers have all been coerced into providing more than just professional services to the tyrannical Doctor who leads the project. Soon she'll find herself on the list. "DEATHMATCH: Tribulations" gets real as the mind-screwing alien forces Shannon to re-live some of her more controversial battles. But how can they use this against her?


"Charonte" slides into the "nasty alien has his way with the crew" part of our presentation this week as he surprises and overwhelms with his oversized "alien probe". There's no way that this ends well.. Then another curious alien critter abducts a tootsie in "Wicked Weird Tales". It's ugly as hell but packs something for everybody! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" cranks out "1507 Sycamore Lane" where a new homeowner discovers a legacy gift left for her in the closet. I Don't think she's gonna like it!

But you can't please everybody!
Mike da Mutant



"The RANCOR Project" begins this week with the arrival of a replacement scientist in the deep underground lab. But she should have asked what happened to the one she's replacing. "Death Match: Tribulations" continues with invasive mind probes and the exposure of some embarrassing chapters in SpaceBabe Commands historic missions. Bitch bitch bitch.. hey! shit happens! It's complete pandemonium in "XXXtraordinary Encounters". The 'lil grays are in the house and the chicks are suddenly very exposed.


Short stories! Three of 'em this week.. "Going Green" goes way past the urge to hug a tree. "The Clinic" is a tale of wishes granted ..kinda. And the "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" cranks out "Her First Voyage" about Captain Kirk and his new crew member. Remember the Teletubbies? Then check out the latest entry in the "Star Woes" section!

And thanks for all the fish!
Mike da Mutant



And she does! "Ash Gordon" comes unglued and kills EVERYBODY this week! Good thing it's the conclusion. "Deathmatch: Tribulations" continues with more flash-back testimony and gratuitous nudity. Shannon gets "juiced" again! WTF? "XXXtraordinary Encounters" get's into the "naked girls run and try to hide" part of the story. I LOVE that part.


"Martian Invaders" arrive at the girls school and the unbridled lust and debauchery is outta this world! Then in "Spaceboat Down" a lonely Spacebabe crashes on an alien planet and discovers that the natives are, uh.. versatile! And REAL friendly. "Wicked Weird Tales" presents an interesting tale with a Scottish twist and the dreaded "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" burps up "Alien Attack". It's enough to make you swear off "Parking". Well.. maybe.

Mike da Mutant



Yeah, she is. That's Shannon, our premier Spacebabe and she's back in an epic flic called "Death Match: Tribulations". She's on trial for her life for the crime of defending us against the scum of the Universe! Lot's of crucial re-telling and testimony about her adventures and some spectacular fights! After today there's just one week left of "Ash Gordon". That's 'cause she's in a fight to the death for Emperor Twing's amusement! Those nasty little gray bastards have breached the house in "XXXstraordinary Encounters"! And they've got "lovin" on their minds!


Three short stories this week. "FROGS", "Deep in Bosher's Marsh" and "Voyeur". They'll address the legend about kissing frogs, taking long lonely walks in the swamp and what happens when you lose your head! Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" rolls out "Devil's Lust", a cautionary tale of get'n a bit too excited during sex!

Pay heed!
Mike da Mutant



"Ash Gordon" can't stop herself from doing anything that Emperor Twing desires. But he grows tired of the lesbo show and decides that he's gonna watch the fight.. to the death! And death must be this week's theme music 'cause "Dr. Jekyl" gets a taste as well! No more spoilers 'cause this week is the conclusion! The freaked out babes of "Extraordinary Encounters" are hard to convince but somehow they BOTH get the message this episode - that they're about to be INVADED!


"Boobyrella" lurks in the short story section this week. She's a shipwrecked Spacebabe who discovers that she's not alone and her new alien "friend" has some unusual anatomical anomalies! "CHARONTE" returns with a chest-bursting episode that'll surely awaken the crew to their peril. If not.. then let 'em all croak - they'd deserve it! "Wicked Weird Tales" is up with a comic that'll make you cringe. Really! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" treats us to another adventure from Donny. This time it's "Family Ties", a story about a wee bit 'o werewolf incest! Blarney!

Where's me gold?
Mike da Mutant



Well..that was the plan as two hot babes decided to spend an evening at home. But then those pesky alien rapists arrived and turned everything upside down! "Extraordinary Encounters" starts now! And in our very own movies: "Dr. Jeklyl does Mz Hyde" returns with more dementia and floor humpin' sex and "Ash Gordon" gets an unwanted audience with the Emperor and a follow-up dose of lesbian sex!


"Cassandra Coventry" thinks she is. And you won' have any choice! Then a really bad alien takes his shot at another Earth babe only to be thwarted by the "Galactic Hunter". The "Monstrousityverse" presents an unexplained encounter in a Quicky Mart (where the service is excellent) and the glorious "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" features "Extinction" - a high minded attempt to save the last of a dying alien race!

It's all for science!
Mike da Mutant



in slave wear! "Ash Gordon" and Keyla are at Twings mercy this week. And he has NONE! "Dr Jekyl" can't seem to keep his patient focused on the task at hand (him). "Night Terrors" wraps up and sorry Penelope, there's no happy ending for these gals.


Actually, two short stories to sweeten up your weekend. "It Hungers" is about a corn field encounter and "Scouting Report of Death" is more of a fluff 'n snuff! "Wicked Weird Tales" returns with a scientific practical joke and the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up a close encounter in deep space!

And we'll be back next week!
Mike da Mutant



Seriously. "Dr. Jekyl.." may not have cured her mental issues but he's sure rev'd up her libido! And honestly, with a body like that and skills like hers.. WHO CARES that she's a fruit-cake? Not me. "Ash Gordon" has fallen off the deep end too. She a Keyla are completely lost in each other due to Emperor Twing's lust gassing! Boobs are licked, crotches explored and their hormonal output peaks just as they are summoned before the great one! Gee, wonder what he's got in mind..


Since there's not a damn thing that they can do about it anyway, why not just lay back and relax? Well, one babe learns to get off on the monster hand-job while the other resists the endless waves of orgasm that wash over her in the "Night Terrors"! Guess we'll see which is the better strategy, huh? The "Monster Huntress" is helpless in the hands of her vampire assailant! She's driven to orgasmic depravity by the monster that just killer dear 'ol Dad! But dawn approaches as we present the conclusion of this James Lemay mini-series.


The "Monstrosityverse" features a Spacebabe on a mission to take out an evil dictator. But his many minions subdue and strip her long before she can get within killing range. And now she's gonna discover just why he's the DICK-tator! Okay.. this might seem like a stretch but this week's "StarWoes" parody "The Fifth Elephant in the Room" is the TRUE story of the goin's on that "The Fifth Element" only hinted at! Really.. Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" rolls out "The Sex Ray"! An inventor creates a device that makes women NUTS for him. In fact.. a bit too nuts.

Careful what ya wish for!
Mike da Mutant



Well.. sometimes there's good reason to be! Two sweet young things discover that bad dreams can be REALLY BAD in out "Night Terrors" photo comic. And the crazy babe with the oral fixation is back in "Dr. Jekyl does Mz. Hyde". She's nutty as a loon but man... this gal's got TALENT! "Ash Gordon" and Keyla are all over each other as the evil Emperor Twing's "lust gas" compels them to depravity! Gotta get me some of that stuff!


"Charante" returns with a flash-back episode that explains the alien's origin. But poor Dr. Frost is NOT enjoying the thrill of discovery. But she'll come around.. I 'spoze. James Lemay returns with a two part mini series called "Monster Huntress". I stashed it in the short story section so enjoy the show! "Wicked Weird Tales" presents some rather unexpected results as one researchers quest for artificial life goes horribly wrong and the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits up "Ghost Story" about a night of lust and perversion at the old haunted house!

And our move is done! Of course I'll be looking for lost things for months but at least I don't have to carry heavy boxes any more. Good to be back on track!

And we're all caught up!
Mike da Mutant



Oh man.. I paid a heavy price for the office move last week. Slip-ups, crashes, and general mayhem all the way. Broken 'puters, broken furniture and lost tools.. dammit! But since I weaseled out on last weeks update here's the promised DOUBLE -WHAMMY as I continue to dig my way out! Again, my regrets at blowing off last week's update and thanks for your understanding!


First up, "Ash Gordon" gets a fresher as the evil emperor Twing snatches Ash and Keyla right out of SpaceBabe Command and subjects them to his vile "Lust Gas"! Both are instantly dripping wet and when Twing locks them in alone they can't resist frantically tearing each others clothes off for some truly heroic makin' out! And "Dr. Jekyl does Mz. Hyde" gets a big catch-up too. She's NOT crazy! It's just those damn voices in her head.. right? Either way she's a cock-suckin' MACHINE and Doctor J. has got his work laid out for him!


The last two issues of "DEMONS" are up as the vile creatures pull out all the stops in their quest for Hellish domination! Strange powers, big boobs and unexpected endings await. James Lemay's short series "Brothel of Blood" wraps up this week and our sole short story "A Thing Possessed" explores the price of being.. TOO good at sex? The "Fable of Fright" selection stirs with "Goldielocks part 2" and takes us to the bear cave where our busty interloper gets gang-banged by the three bears! Wonder which one is "just right"? And "Star Woes" sports a new tale called "Galaxy Threesome". One fabulous heroine suffers the ultimate betrayal from her two closest allies. Something has changed and now they're both lust-crazed rapists with no regard for her survival!


An accidental trip to an alternate dimensions starts the action in "Monstrousityverse" but this gorgeous Spacebabe's streak of misfortune is just beginning! "Wicked Weird Tales" takes us on a hunting trip where nothing is as it seems and Bambi gets her revenge! Trophy anyone? And a double-barreled update strikes the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" like a bolt from the blue! "Boxed In" reveals a fate even worse than being buried alive and "Vanity's Cost" serves up a cruel kind of justice to couple cock-teases with egos as big as their enormous tits!

And we're all caught up!
Mike da Mutant


Hi guys.. This week's update gets bumped until next week. I'm VERY sorry. Thought I had it covered but we're moving our studio this weekend and after 13 years in the same spot we've accumulated quite a bunch of shi.. uh.. stuff. We'll be back next week with a double update - I'll make it good - promise.

So thanks for your forbearance. When it's all said and done (GOTTA be out by Tues the 31st) we'll be catchin' up and I swear we won't move again for a long long time! Our new address appears on the contact and surface order pages.

Moving.. I'm too old for this shit!
Mike da Mutant


Keyla meets "Ash Gordon" at Spacebabe Command and they hold a council of war. But what can the two curvaceous cuties really do against an EMPIRE? Wow! Mz Hyde has finally awakened and doesn't like to hear that she's "crazy". Or maybe she's ok with it and it's just the voices in her head that object? We'll see, but in the meantime she's gonna show the doctor that giving head is like riding a bike - you never lose the knack! Check it out in "Dr. Jekyl does Mz. Hyde". The "Demons" are still at it and there's hell to pay in this weeks photo comic update. Arms up, tits out - that's a good look for her - green or not!

Strap down for ride fellas. "Fables of Fright" presents the first of a three part "Goldilocks" adventure! You may cleverly surmise that this one's a 'lil different than the tale yer mamma told you. "Monstousityverse" presents another "better think about it" moment as an overconfident Spacebabe yearns to take on a new alien species. But alas.. she MAY have some regrets! Then "Tasty Tit-bits" presents an interesting partnership when the man that women can't say no to teams up with the monster that's always up for sloppy seconds. Good 'till the last bite! And lastly the ever faithful "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" delivers "Vitamin E-vil". A sweet young sciency-babe whips up a terrific new formula that makes her do bad bad things! But she's sooo good at the bad things that you won't even mind. At least until she kills you.

There's always a catch..
Mike da Mutant



..space BUTTERCUP! And so they do. Keyla puts the final slob on Emperor Twing's knob but then REALLY blows him away with the news that his arch-enemies descendant is alive and well on planet earth! And that would of course be "Ash Gordon"! Then she's been in a fugue state for years but the good doctors "medicine" has her wits slowly returning. She well aware that she's sucking his dick. She remembers how (like riding a bike?) and realizes that she likes it. But then she remembers what else she likes in "Dr. Jekyl does Mz. Hyde". The "DEMONS" have locked horns and the struggle for hells domination is obviously hard on clothes!


Vampires aren't they only evil in the "Brothel of Blood". And my gosh.. would you look at the fangs on THAT? Then a "sweet young thang" wakes up with a hand over her mouth and an intruders body pinning her down. Soon she's ravished - completely degraded. But then.. Yep, it's another "Wicked Weird Tale"! Runaway robot sends busty babe into orgasm overload! Make a great headline, huh? But until reality catches up it only happens in "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine's" "Alpha Test". And he's BACK! Briaeros delivers the forth installment of his new "Charonte" series and as the crew breaks down the tension builds. Recovered data files from the ghost ship are a warning that they're in deep DEEP shit!

I know that feeling..
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And that's the last things she wants as the "Wacking Racers" catch her in the conclusion of this quirky 'lil "Star Woe" parody. But she's a great pit-stop! Keyla is lost! Even as "Ash Gordon" circles overhead she serves the perverted desires of the evil Twing with all her might despite the humiliation (and sore throat) that she feels. "Doctor Jekyl does Mz. Hyde" - and then some! She's awake and aware for the first time in years and finds herself in a compromising situation (you know.. cock in her face and all.. ). So what's a girl to do?


"The Next Page" is up in the short story section for all you mummy fans. I think he's makin' up for lost time! "Monstrosityverse" presents an explorers major misadventure as she makes that ever-tricky first contact and the REAL "Demons" are revealed in this weeks photo comic! What's a nice girl like you doin' in a spaceship like this? FIND OUT! - in "Journey to the Planets", this weeks "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" selection.

It's retro, ya know?
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And grab an alien princess if you can snag one! Like the evil Emperor Twing does in "Ash Gordon". Keyla surrenders to the evil ones mind control and shows why she's the princess. Merit based fer sure! "Brothel of Blood" is back and the vampish intrigue gets deeper as more is revealed about the Brothel. The "Demons" are back with a fresh "victim" - but sometimes the victim bites back!


And so does this week's debut of "Dr. Jekyl does Mz Hyde"! There's two member clips to make up for last weeks holiday sloth. And it's gonna be a strange, strange ride fellas. Then you know it's all the rage, right? The Pokebug game? No? Then get with the program and learn about it in this weeks "StarWoe" adventure! Next: A drowning man gets one last chance in "Wicked Weird Tales" and then the dreaded "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spews up quirky little yarn called "Station 385".

Lookin' ahead to 2017!
Thanks members.
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And another Christmas is upon us! Hope you have somebody warn to snuggle up with this weekend. I've got outta-Galaxy guests this year so there'll be much commotion in my bunker. But I can cope! And in the spirit of giving, we present a new "Fable of Fear" called "Deck the Halls" with a sweet young thing that's gonna get an unexpected "gift"! Maybe it'll inspire you to do a little giving yourself...


..RETURNS! You know.. on occasion we've really punched outta out weight class movie-wise. As I'm going through "Ash Gordon" I can't stop smiling. It's one of those "coulda gone horribly wrong" shoots that didn't! This week the evil emperor Twing has sweet Keyla cornered and at his non-existent mercy! She's mind-controlled and on her knees - about to jingle the evil ones bell and.. well, it only gets better! Than the horrific peek into hell continues as "Demons" slams back and KC Cannons takes charge. Then "Return to Roswell" is up with issue #7 and "MonstrosityVerse" joins the line-up with another seeker of that ever-popular "DNA sample". The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits up one of Donny's best with "Information Extraction" and that's the Holiday line-up!


Yeah.. just one set of movie clips this week. The next one up turned out to need some serious sound fixing and in the spirit of holiday sloth I've decided to start it next week. But I'll do a double update to make amends. Right after the eggnog wears off...

Merry Christmas!
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No? Then howzabout an ASH? "Ash Gordon: The Threat from Yesteryear" begins this week and if you like evil tyrants, kneeling blowjobs, killer robots and lotsa campy humor.. well we give it or best shot! You'll have to endure some black and white retro scenes but only when the Evil Emperor Twing is strutting his stuff. Otherwise it's in glorious Lesbocolor! "Deathmatch" wraps it up this week with a HORRIFIC waste of great tits! But she started it! "DEMONS" begins and this photo-comic won't leave a single babe unscathed (or A DEMON UNSATISFIED)!


Then stop screwin' around and get in on the first issue of "Brothel of Blood"! Then "Wicked Weird Tales" returns with a new episode and joins a short story called "CYBERDEVIL" that'll make ya think twice about the VR craze. And the 'ol dependable "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" get a fresher with "I, Rob", a machine with an ATTITUDE!

..like my computer..
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"The Curious Abduction of Tony Steel" concludes this week with a happy ending. At least for him! And the Alien Princess who started the fight in "DEATHMATCH: The Challenge" is having second thoughts. She can run but there's no hiding from a vengeful Shannon! The Spacebabes of "Return to the Land of the Giants" are drowning in success in this week's conclusion. Literally.


And she is! Slid presents a tender tale called "The Stowaway" about a solitary Spacebabe that discovers her long lonely trip is NOT gonna be so alone. At least she won't be bored! There's a terrific new "STARWOE" up! Zap Brannigan returns to mourn his lost love. But not for long. He's got a companion and a gender-zapper so she'll be replaced - whatever it takes! "Return to Roswell" follows the strange sad story of a chick that's already been an aliens play-toy - and now he's come to collect his brood! Then another Spacebabe gets the spider treatment as her crew mate looks on in Donny's "Stranded", a "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" RIOT!. If she didn't fear spiders before.. she will NOW!

Tough week for the Spacebabes!
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The alien princess keeps zappin' from place to place in a vain attempt to get away from the vengeance of Shannon in "DEATHMATCH: The Challenge"! But where she goes Shannon follows and this ain't over yet! "Tony Steel" is in for the ride of his life as he trades licks with the alien sex slave! This abduction was responsible for a huge influx of male SpaceBabe volunteers.. and they all wanted to get abducted! This weeks "Return to the Land of the Giants" show the two ensigns adapting to their new conditions as a giants sex pets. Maybe they're adapting a bit TOO well.


But when a stranded shipwreck survivor awakens to discover that she's staked to the beach by an army of horny little aliens she puts a hugely satisfying twist on this old story. Yep, it's a "Wicked Weird Tale" that somehow works out for everybody! The conclusion of the latest "ABDUCTED!" tale is up and it's joined by a short story called ">ABDUCTION". The latter features the fantastic artwork of ROM! Wrappin' it up in SpaceBabe style comes the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" with "Alien Agent Arrested". Her target is a goo monster that she just can't get a grip on. But he's got no problem goo'n her!

So have a GOO'd weekend!
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Maybe. "Tony Steel" licks the alien sex slave over the edge this week so she decides it's his turn again. And Shannon finally gets the better of her assailant who then tries to escape. Shannon ain't havin' any of it! After all, she's the one who wanted the "DEATHMATCH: Challenge". And a Couple of helpless ensigns are getting the big squish unless they do just what the giant says in "Return to the Land of the Giants". Talk about pressure!


Everybody is! There's a new "Star Woes" mini series beginning and the toll through some of the race route is pretty high in Wacking Races part 1. Then there's a return customer in "Return to Roswell". Not so sure that that's a good thing. Slid presents "Rapists from Mars" fresh from the 50's and the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presents a 15 panel misadventure in "The Horny Virus".

Thanks all!
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"Deathmatch:Challenge" - Shannon has been through a lot but this alien princess is kicking her ass! Still, the perpetual underdog has a way of taking the hits and coming back stronger. We'll see - but in the meantime the tits are out and all four of those globes are big enough to have their own gravity! "Tony Steel" has little to say (but his mouth is already kinda busy I 'spose). The alien sex slave seems to approve! Well.. the commander is strawberry goo and the giant that squished her demands that the ensigns strip and flash the goodies (which they do - immediately!) in "Return to the Land of the Giants"


"Wicked Weird Tales" presents a jungle tribe that really LOVES the occasional visitor and "The Idiot" ain't half as dumb as he lets on! In "Abducted", Sweet Penni Dawson gets snatched right out of her car for another one of those legendary probings while inside the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" a professional "medium" meets a ghostly "extra-large" as "Haint" rocks on!

'Till next week!
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"Tony Steel" gets a little mobility this week. Now that he's free to move around (the alien slave requested it) he's gonna do.. what? Guess we'll see. And the beating begins in "DEATHMATCH: Challenge". Shannon has her hands full with the big-boob bimbo from outer space. Literally! "Return to the Land of the Giants" is back and the mission commander gets a tough lesson in "giant diplomacy". >SQUISH<


The investigating team discovers what killed the missing crew in "Charonte". And it wasn't natural causes. Cowardice and panic on display as the mystery is revealed! Another New Mexican babe meets her fate in "Return to Roswell" and "The Pizza Girl" is working for a BIG tip in this weeks short story! Then the haunting continues in "Haint" buried deep inside the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine".

Spooky doins..
Mike da Mutant



"DEATHMATCH: The Challenge" begins this week! A spacey (but stacked) space princess tracks down Shannon to defeat her - but that ain't gonna be easy! Then "Tony Steel" decides to go with the flow as the Curious Abduction continues. I'd have been there a long time ago! "Return to the Land of the Giants" takes over the photo story slot. Three gorgeous Spacebabes attempt to discover the fate of an exploration vessel that's been missing for 40 years. But they're NOT gonna like what they find!


He was just part of the deal! But the unlucky gal that just got him is NOT gonna sit still for this nonsense! She'll resist this spook to her last breath in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presentation of HAINT part 1. The "STARWOES" section get a fresher with a bizarre tale of sci-fi shenanigans that we call "Flasher Gordon". The legendary hero discovers that when you get right down to it - he's got a lot on common with Emperor Mink! Then the "ABDUCTION" wraps up another story of evil alien woe and "Wicked Weird Tales" will make you fear the darkness!

..me too!
Mike da Mutant



In fact, I don't think we'll ever get 'em untangled! "The Seduction of Frankenstein" concludes this week with a double-monster orgasm that drains them both. Literally. Our reluctant hero "Tony Steel" faces the alien slave as she switches from a suckathon to a humpathon this week. But while she begs him "not to hurry" she's using all that she's got to do exactly that! Momma moves in to clean things up in "Mamma Knows Best". The fact that the cleaning lady has expired seems to be overlooked as the freaky family action comes to it's climax!


She's the sweet, sweet treat that lingers! But for the science nerds that she's tempting she might just be the worst of all "unintended consequences"! The wondrous artwork of Rom is featured in this weeks short story called "Nectar". Then it's time for a double-down "Tit-Bit"! Two amazing babes take the slimy gullet route as the beast and his master have a feast! "Return to Roswell" is back and you aren't even safe in your own backyard! Creepy-crawly aliens infest a couple sun worshipers and really probe these unlucky pool bunnies. Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" tells the tale of two stranded spacemen and the unlikely gals that decide to "save" them. Hmm.. Seems harmless. I mean two hot alien babes..

What could go wrong?
Mike da Mutant



But that doesn't slow "The Seduction of Frankenstein" at all! Big, ugly, & monstrous he may be but the monster is understandably confused after being awakened by a strange chick giving him a blowjob. (That always confuses me too). But he rallies and explores ALL that she can offer - even as she tries to play hard to get! And Spacebabe Commands own "Tony Steel" gets a face full of hot alien nookie this week as the strange invader decides that it's time for him to contribute! "Mamma Knows Best"? Well.. that may be so but after this weeks episode where sonny catches a nut all over the cleaning lady there's a new dilemma for Momma - what to do with the cleaning lady? Find out in next weeks conclusion!


Actually, it's a "STAR WOE<"! This weeks entry "Easter Island" finally reveals the truth behind the mysterious statues that populate that tiny Pacific Isle. And I'm pretty sure it's not what you might expect! Then some disturbing news - those pesky aliens have done it again! Another Earth girl has been taken and a fresh "Abduction" is in the mix. How can we stop this madness?!! "Wicked Weird Tales" is back and this weeks gruesome tales puts a whole new spin on get'n "some head"! Then a rescue of sorts takes the stage in Smudge's "Earth Quest" conclusion found within the bowels of "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine"! But the rescue may be the worst that could happen..

That's the usual result.
Mike da Mutant



the STEEL in his TONY! "The Curious Abduction of Tony Steel" has this alien chick with a Klingon-like forehead But hey nobody's perfect! But that body.. IS! And apparently she's gonna suck the life right out of him! And Electra catches a break (?) this week when Frankenstein's monster discovers that his moldy member can go other places besides her mouth! "The Seduction of Frankenstein" thumps on! "Mamma Knows Best" that junior needs a little help holding that gal down so like the loving parent that she is - she piles on too!


Gasp! The unsuspecting explores may have stumbled onto a massacre! "Charonte" gets creepy as hell as they explore the dead ship and finally discover the crew! At least what's left of 'em. "Return to Roswell"? Why not? It's a place where even the most hideous alien scum can get laid. Hell, I gotta give that place a try! She ain't Orchin! But she's definitely got a "BUG" problem! And I don't think she wanted them UP THERE! i And it's a wowzer "W.A.B.A.C." week! The mighty Smudge chips in with the first of a two part "Earth Quest" story. And the fallout from failure will be dire!

DIRE I tell you!
Mike da Mutant



Says the newly revived creature in "The Seduction of Frankenstein"! And even though she breaks away and does her best to resist that nasty 'ol monsters cock keeps finding it's way back to her oh-too-willing mouth! Hey! SHE started it! And even as a prisoner of unseen alien scumbags, "Tony Steel" can't really bitch about his treatment so far. Gosh-golly Batman.. is it really torture when some built-for-sex alien concubine-slave decides to make you her personal Popsicle? "Mamma Knows Best" and she loves to get in on the action! Mamma's 'lil nightmare sticks the evil weasel waaaay up inside the cleaning lady's "personal space" as mamma cheers him on! I'll bet that Thanksgiving is fun at their house!

The "Abducted" tale come to an end with another mysterious catch and release episode. But she'll remember it. Always! And the mildest of nursery rhymes can be despoiled! Witness our Monsterbabe take on "Pinocchio" - the untold story! It's cleverly stashed in the "Fable of Fright" section for your perverse perusal.


She drew it and now she's down deep inside the bowels of a disabled spaceship trying to figure out what the problem is. But she'll just find another, much more personal problem when she stumbles across "The Stowaway" in the "Wicked Weird Tales" fun zone! Then multiple cuties get gang banged by a single alien intruder in this weeks "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry called "Space Station #9". Wonder how it's goin' on the other eight..?

3 day weekend? REJOICE!
Mike da Mutant



in interesting times! And the "Curious Abduction of Tony Steel" is certainly interesting. This time the alien abductee is a guy and he's at the mercy of some uber-built alien woman! She claims to be just another victim as she does her job and works toward that DNA sample that they want. And man.. she WORKS for it! For his part.. I don't hear any complaints. "The Seduction of Frankenstein" continues as the big green guy awakes to find his dick down "the brides" throat. But when she wants to step away he's not having any of it! I believe he likes it! The horribly disfigured fiend in "Mamma Knows Best" finally pins that hot babe and with Momma's encouragement - shows her that he's REALLY a freak!


And all the Alien scumballs knows that Roswell is a galactic party town! "Return to Roswell" begins this week with an intruder at the door. He's after some of that famous Earth-girl nookie that they're all talking about - and gets it! "Paul is Dead" pops up in the short story section. A hike in the wilderness gets interrupted by a bunch of dick-faced alien perverts and they kill the guy and take the babe! And take her and take her and... Then a brand new "Tasty TitBit" called "PROOF" shows ya that snoopin' around the neighbors house is a really bad idea. Especially when you look good enough to eat! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" burps up "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" this week from Donny. She's so hot, so willing.. and her crew mates don't know that she's an alien infiltrator until it's way too late!

Kinda like my fourth wife..
Mike da Mutant



And she ain't get'n back up! "Katruul" wraps up an embarrassing episode in the annuls of Spacebabeology when our champion bites the big one. But In "Seduction of Frankenstein" his soon to be bride dispatches Egor than discovers Franky in a box. He's unresponsive so being made mostly from prostitute parts, her reflex is to try the familiar - and down she goes! "Mamma Knows Best" gets down to the knitty-gritty as our super-stacked cleaning lady is cornered for the last time. Mamma blocks the door with her gun and looks like she might join in as her malformed offspring closes in for the payoff!


Not this time! She closed down the bar and headed home alone but didn't even make it to the street before an alien pervert snatches her away to his alien perverto-ship. Yep, it's another "Abduction"! Gotta get me one of them perverto-ships! Dr. Jekyll's saga come to it's bloody conclusion this week in "Fables of Fright" and he's managed to "Hyde" all the bodies! (ok.. sorry.) But in "Back Alley Quickie" the evil doers find out that they're NOT the most evil doin' creature in the alley. Instant Karma in the short story section! Despicable invaders defile the innocent as the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" rolls out the conclusion to "Amazon Assault". Which makes me wonder in there's any "despicable invader" positions available. Nah.. Probably requires a union card. Dammit.

Think I'll apply anyway.
Mike da Mutant



..and then some! "Katruul" is like a how-to video on destroying a Spacebabe. Cattle prods seem to do the job very well! Then Egor gets himself some nookie in "Perversion of Frankenstein"! But even he can't handle that cold dead lovin' so he decides to heat her up. And that's the last bad decision of his life! "Mamma Knows Best" keeps up the chase but the cleaning lady has run out of clothes to strip off her! Hmm.. what will he do the next time he catches her? Hehehehe..


Briaeros has begun a new sci-fi epic called "Charonte"! The master of the 3D world has deemed it time to explore the old "creepy dead spaceship with missing crew" theme and has some unique twists for us! (twists, thrusts, jiggles..whatever!). Check it out - this a guy at the top of his game. Last week we had "Undead". This week the follow up - cleverly called "Undead Two" is in the short story section. These gals just can't stop cravin' that Zombie dong! And the "Night with a Vampire" series is wrappin' it up this week. Poor master.. he never saw THIS comin'! But what of the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" you ask? Well, it's current offering is "Amazon Assault" about some nasty boys invading the planet of the Amazons. It'll conclude next week but you can probably guess that it doesn't go well for the girls!

Spaced out and lovin' it!
Mike da Mutant



Poor Frankenstein monster.. leaned up against the wall and forgotten, he's just collecting dust. But when the good doctor tries to make a woman things get interesting quickly. And the monster is gonna get an education! "The Seduction of Frankenstein" starts NOW. "Katruul" ramps up the gratuitous violence when the nasty alien uses both shock-rods on our desperate Spacebabe. She won't beg, and it wouldn't stop him anyway. Bastard! "Mamma Knows Best" continues with a now stripped naked super-hottie running for her life! But when cornered she lashes out and scrambles over the slovenly drooling beast of a man. But for how long? Mamma's got the door blocked and there's no escape!


There's a short story up called "UNDEAD" and it's about a near-future babe who's so damn hard up for some schlong that she resorts to capturing Zombies for sex! I'm mean.. c'mon girl! (But then who am I to judge?) Basta's back with "Wicked Weird Tales" and the kick-off issue is "First Contact". Now, unless you've lived under a rock for the last 15 years or so, you GOTTA know what "first CONTACT" means around here! Prepare for Xeno-perversion! Then we wrap up another "Abduction" by gently returning our "volunteer" to her theater seat - a 'lil worse for wear but with a great story to tell. You'd believe her, right? Finaly, there's a story near-and-dear to me up in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" this week called "Cops vs Mutants". Now don't get me wrong - I'm a law & order kinda guy - but I don't like it when anybody messes with a mutants right to express himself (or whatever).

They were just misunderstood!
Mike da Mutant



That's the sound of life-blood leaking from our poor victim as "Kiss of the Vampire" wraps up this week. She savors every drop! Then "Katruul" explodes as both fighters tear into each other. It looks like there's been a mistake - two weapons appear - but both go to the alien! The cleaning business has lost it's luster in "Mamma Knows Best" this week. Our rent-a-maid is out of room to run and the mutant pervert takes her panties!


Lots of them this week! First up: "Night with a Vampire" issue 4. Now that they've both had their evil way with their new convert, she's one of them. And then all eyes turn hungrily to her boyfriend! "Sexual Secrets of the Undead" is a short story about Count Fakeula who loves roll playing. But his girlfriend doesn't have to pretend! Then "Duel Monsters" describes a bet between Dracula and Frankenstein's monster - and the consequences of losing! "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" rolls out "Side Effects" - an evil plot for monsters to take over the world. And it looks like it might just work!

Happy Labor Day (aka long weekend)
Mike da Mutant



There's been another "Abduction"! This time they took a gal right out of the cinema! And it doesn't look like she's comin' back. Doctor Jekyll part 2 is up in "Fables of Fright". Hide the virgins man!! (Not really a problem 'round here). "Katruul" gets down to the babe bashing and she's shedding clothing. Go mean monster man! And the vampire to die for is almost done with her victim in "Kiss of the Vampire"! Next week it ends.. err.. HE ends!


Won't matter in the end will it? Not when "Mamma Knows Best". Mamma's boy has the busty cleaning lady cornered and he's helping himself to her bounteous bosom! But she's NOT goin' down without a fight! "BRUGE" is up in the short story section and the nasty beast has appetites that only SHE can satisfy. Poor, poor girl.. Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has "Calling the Darkness" a tale about a demonic summoning gone horribly, horribly RIGHT! Or so they think..

Mike da Mutant



"Night with a Vampire" is back and the bad boy and his new girlfriend are restless - so they're out looking for fun. And they found some! "Kiss of the Vampire" continues the pre-ghastly-death pleasuring and "Katruul" sees a Spacebabe getting tossed on her ass by an alien but she won't stay down! "Mamma Knows Best" delivers a sweaty strip-off as the cleaning lady runs for her life from the deformed one. Naturally, he rips off her clothing all along the way!


"Hazard Pay" is about a couple of busty explorers who really let it all hang out and the alien who likes what he sees! "Stowaway" shows what happens when a Spacebabe travels the space lanes all alone. She shoulda kept her clothes on! Then "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" Rolls out "Prototype" about an alleged malfunction of a clever flying device. Personally, I thought it worked out just fine!

But opinions vary...
Mike da Mutant



Hope so, 'cause we got one in the mix this week! "Katruul" begins with Dianna Knight as the good lookin' one versus some ugly alien scumball that can't wait to put his hands on her. Can't really blame him.. Then the hot blood sucker gets down to some serious face work in "Kiss of the Vampire". We all know that vampires suck but who'da thunk that it would be this good? Not that it's gonna change her victims fate.. but it's not a bad send-off! Mommies 'lil darling is unleashed on the cleaning lady as "Momma Knows Best" continues the terror. He's not too fast but she doesn't really have much room to evade him so the CHASE is ON! And she's leaving a trail of ripped off clothing behind her.


"The Desire Machine" is up in the short story section. It's about a new invention that could spell doom for mankind! Or at least for men. There's another "Abduction" in the line-up too. This time it's kind of an inside job! Then a nosy neighbor gets more than she bargained for in this weeks new "Tasty Tit-Bit" called "Howdy Neighbor". Seems the new guy next door likes the ladies - and so does his pet! Wrappin' it up comes the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" with "The GHMEE Toy" this week. These damn female pleasing inventions will put us all outta business!

A pox upon progress!
Mike da Mutant



"Gray Goo" wraps it up today and if you've been following the story then you should probably update your will - we're all to become assimilated! But "Kiss of the Vampire" rolls on with more supernatural crotch grinding as the arch-evil vampire with the deep throat continues to toy with her victim. Our "Momma Knows Best" photo story begins today. Super-boobied Eve is the poor cleaning gal that gets a lot more than a spit shine from her client and her malevolent mutant offspring. Good scary fun!


doesn't last too long in "Night with a Vampire" when his newest convert awakens to the reality that she's been turned. She's determined to spike that bastard. But it can wait until he bangs her once again! "Daphne, Vampire Slayer" meets her doom in this week's conclusion and "Star Vixen" wraps it up as well with a "Victory" of sorts.. I guess. The crew got raped and the pirates got away but they lived through it so that's a victory. At least it is to her. The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" coughs up "Attack of the Giant Babe" but if you've got ego issues avoid it. Don't care who you are or what yer packin' - THIS babe will may you feel VERY INADEQUATE!


We've been awaiting new chapter of "The Monster Channel" for quite a while now. The latest one was published on May 13th but I haven't been able to reach Edgar, the artist who creates them since then. He lives in Spain so it's not like I can drive by and knock on his door to see if he's okay - wish I could. I'm gonna give him a little bit longer to see if he surfaces, if not, I'll have to replace that section with something else. Pity, his work always brightens my day (yours too I hope). He's been a reliable contributor for years and years so this is very uncharacteristic and I'm a tad concerned. All I can say is that I hope he's well and that he'll be missed around here. Edgar, you okay buddy? We'll put a candle in the window.

Probably start a fire..
Mike da Mutant



The horny clown in "Grave Consequences" gets off TWICE in this weeks conclusion. Unfortunately that means that the gals have .. well.. expired. But I'm sure that he feels guilty... "The Kiss of the Vampire" gets one step closer to death as the Vampire decides to straddle her victim and ride him to hell. And the Goo girls get down to some serious "Gray Goo" swapping as the good doctor watches approvingly.


to Hyde! "Fables of Fright" kicks off a 3-part series about the famous Doctor and his evil alter-ego this week. He's a freak but he's got great taste in women! We must be having a sale on Earth girls 'cause "Abducted" gets a 2 for 1 this time around. Double the fun! "Cyberdevil" is up in the short short section - VR at it's FINEST! Or maybe LETHAL-est? Wrappin' it up this week comes the "W.A.B.A.C Machines" presentation of "Housewives in Space" - the brutal end of the home invasion. Those are some expensive groceries!

Nice cantaloupes too!
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GO! It's time for a "Night with a Vampire"! One of the best illustrated comic series we've ever had and it a celebration of EVIL! Sure, he's the devil incarnate but man.. he knows how to treat the ladies! Dig in on issue one right now fellas - it's da GOOD STUFF! Then pull up a chair and soak in the spectacle of the "Kiss of the Vampire"! Her lips do a damn-sight more than just kiss her victim before she feeds. His fatal trip to hell starts deep, deep in her throat!


Some "Gray Goo"! Why not? Everybody else seems to enjoy it. Betty the bimbo applies her well-honed talents to the lab assistants coochee waaaay more than is required for the nano-transfer and her "victim" reciprocates! Girls gone GOO! That evil clown has the blasphemous babes doin' the dirty to each other but he tires of merely directing. Time to join in on the "Grave Consequences"!


"Daphne Vampire Killer" does! She just lost hers with an orgasm! And the throng of the undead is having a go at her - all at once. Her fall from grace is almost complete but her suffering still hasn't ended. There's an even steeper fall next time! Life imitates art in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machines" "Night of the Werewolf". They were just makin' out at the drive-in when the creature on the silver screen came to life and killed him, took his pleasure from her. It was a bad scene. Worse.. it's double creature feature! The "Star Vixen" is under attack but while the brave crew launches fighters for a star battle the pirates have another idea. Board 'em and rape 'em! I'm not seeing a happy ending here - unless you're a pirate!

Shiver me timbers.. Pass the Vixen matey!
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Laura Talbot - "Lost Lands AFTERMATH" concludes today! The oldie-moldie god's victory is complete and the last resistance has been overcome. There's terror about to spread worldwide and no one can fight it. Might as well off ourselves right now! But the flipside is that Briaeros is hard at work on another epic adventure and I can't wait to see what the dean of dementia comes up with next! He doesn't disappoint. The puppets are groping each other at the clowns direction in "Grave Consequences" and the vampire with the deep throat and alabaster skin is fighting the urge to take a nip or two as she continues her floor work on the oh-so-doomed object of her oral attentions. It's his last blowjob so I hope it's a great one in "Kiss of the Vampire"!


Today, the uber-stacked lab assistant gets Gooey Betty's full attention in "Gray Goo". She should damn well know better but apparently the Goo make them irresistible? The Goo must flow! Brand new "STAR WOES" adventure! "Naughty Hill" is up with a busty version of Julia Roberts and a "WTF is THAT?" alien that thinks she's quiet cuddly! And "Abducted!" returns with more strange invaders. These guys lurk in a cave and snatch all the hot, big-boobed human females that wander in. Guess there's plenty, huh? (I tried, didn't work for me). And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" is blessed (BLESSED I TELL YA!) with the very first issue of Slid's "Housewives in Space" saga. These alien delivery boys get ALL the action!

Where do I sign up?
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Jame Lemay's final chapter of "Alien Runner" is up. Poor spacebabe thought she was rescued. Not so much really. Then the "Gray Goo" is on the move. Now that Busty Betty has been assimilated it's time for her to spread the gift to the super-stacked lab assistant! And "spread" she does! The ">Kiss of the Vampire" is all about the torture. She'd be kinder to just kill him but this one likes to toy with her meal before she dines. Vampires are cruel but they DO know how to suck!


Yup. That's what they should have done. But now they've awakened an evil beyond their comprehension and he's going to have a wonderful time with them as they learn the "Grave Consequences" of disturbing the dead! "Daphne Vampire Slayer" is back but she's not slaying this week. Instead she's about to become the "good time had by all" in a ghoul party! The "Star Vixen" crew is in turmoil! Below decks the ship's doctor is get'n banged by her son while outside the pirates are attacking! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" scores an oldie-moldy called "Future Imperfect". A couple of inexperienced gals decide it's time to explore sex but the newly revived object of their lust has his own plans!

Of course, he'll screw them first!
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She's been workin' hard to get that "Gray Goo" and this week her persistence is rewarded. The nano-doc finally gives her what she wanted but suddenly Betty realized that it's NOT what she expected! Then he's been charred and toasted but she won't let him die. Using her powers, she keeps him somewhere between life and death - for what? For her own amusement? He's doomed but there might just be time for one last "Kiss of the Vampire" before he goes! And the bimbos meet their master in "Grave Consequences". Fortunately for them, he's in a cheery mood and wants to play! Let the fun begin.


For the cheerleader who gets a side trip to the alien spacecraft! One minute she's leading the squad and the next >ZAP< she's an "Abducted" sex toy! Then we've got two short stories this week. "Alien Training Day" takes us into the preparation that's required to best exploit those human females (I thought it was instinctual!) and "The Chaste" is all about the happiest torment ghost you've ever met. And "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up "VR". It appears that humans don't have a patent on Virtual Reality development. In fact.. we're waaay behind!

Happy Birthday USA!
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The "Gray Goo" must flow! And busty Betty is doin' her part! The chicks doin' everything 'cept slicing Dr. Gray open to get some of it but so far he's holding back. Maybe it takes a while to establish itself in one person before it can jump to another? And she's killed his companions and seared him to a crisp but she's not done yet. A Vampires stronghold must be a lonely place cause the sole survivor lingers for the "Kiss of the Vampire" - if he wants to or not! "Grave Consequences" begins this week. It's a life-lesson on why you should never clown around in a graveyard! One that these two beauties are about to learn.


But when the shuttle crew rescues our heroine in "Alien Runner" from all that incessant alien sex she rewards them with.. more incessant sex! The girl's a one-trick pony but if ya find something that you're good at.. guess ya stick with it! "Daphne: Vampire Slayer" kicks off a four episode run this week. Daphne breaks up an attempted vampire gang rape in her debut. But.. she didn't even get naked! That'll change soon.. we just need tougher vampires! "Star Vixen" returns and there's a homecoming of sorts. Dr. Boner greets her son as he re-joins the crew but her son has plans to "join" his mom! Right here, right now, in front of everybody! Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up a cold slice of "Revenge" when marauding aliens attack a spaceship and kill everybody except for the one human female they decide to keep and double-team. But she's not as helpless as she seems!

Or so I'm told..
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But NOOooooo.. They chose instead to mess with a power far beyond their own. And now two of them are dead and the survivor is about to become a gorgeous vampire's chew-toy! "Kiss of the Vampire" starts this week starring Natalie Minx as the tormenting object of lust that enjoys toying with her victim. He's probably okay with it too - at first! Then brainless Betty takes a pounding from the demented Dr. Gray and his nanobots! Betty can't decide if she likes it but is a 'lil scared or if she just plain LOVES it! Either way she's gonna catch a mouthful of "Gray GOO"! The "Raid on Giolikki" concludes this week and it's a Spacebabes "fate worse than death". Far worse..


Yep. Those sneaky alien bastards have taken another Earth girl! This one's a beauty but her attitude will leave you wishing that they'd stuff something in her mouth to shut her up. And your "Abduction" wish is granted! "Tasty Tit-bits" is back! Sure, you'd think being a babe-gobbling monster would be all fun and games but these guys have feelings too ya know. And when one nasty chick sucks all the fun out of terrorizing her - there's only one thing left to do! "Venix" wraps it up this week with a bang! She's banged, he's banged. anybody not already dead is banged! And it's a sad state of affairs when a beautiful lady has to be "saved" from rape by a wild beast! Then again..I guess she wasn't really saved at all in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machines" "Lunar Lust".

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what you wish for! The "Spook Hunters" wanted to find some supernatural shenanigans - and they did! Now it's a panicked bug-out and it's every girl foe herself in this week's conclusion! Over in the SBC laboratories the "Gray Goo" has been unleashed and Betty Butterfingers has been chosen as the next Goo recipient. She's built for fun and the elevator doesn't seem to go all the way to the top so she's perfect to get that goo goin'. And damn good at it too! One Spacebabe is down and the other just met the king bug. There's no avoiding a major disaster in "Raid on Geolikki"!


James Lemay is back with todays "Alien Runner" update. The little greys get chased away by her hover-bot companion but not until after they've all had a great time with her not-so-unwilling and deliciously formed body. It's a win - win! Then.. Wow. A woman scorned indeed! This week's "Star Vixen" fresher finds the crew in mid-debauch with the squirmy green aliens when the big green guys all catch a nut. But the girls? They're left wanting! So as any chick would do if she could, she boards her spaceship and NUKES the planet! I've dated some like that. There's a short story called "Initiation" that's features a gal that want to screw the devil. You may rest assured that she does indeed screw the devil - and a lot more! Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" rolls out "Colossal Cunt" - the strangest alien invader EVER! And considering our normal fare..

that says a LOT!
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The "Spook Hunters" hatched a scheme to lure in a spook and it actually worked. Now they've got lots of ecto-cum to analyze so they must be overjoyed! And Now that the nanites are outta the bag Dr. Gray is busy sharing them with Betty, Betty doesn't seem to mind! In fact she's working hard to harvest all that "Gray Goo"! And we started with two Spacebabes in "Raid on Giolikki" but now there's only one. Doesn't look like she's gonna be a long term guest either.


"Lost Lands Aftermath" has 'em. The world's about to end but there's still time to get some from all those big boobed victims. Let's not waste any time! Then a bunch of pesky alien pervs snatched themselves an Earth girl in last weeks "Abduction" and now we're gonna find out why. Hint: she won't dig it! "Venix" is updated with another chapter and it's an extermination! Die! Die! Die! Finishing up for the week comes "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" with "Armed and Dangerous". Aptly named indeed!

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Hmm.. Maybe we shouldn't have let her touch things? SBC's underground lab is in chaos this week 'cause Betty was "get'n scientifical". Now the nanites are loose and Dr. Gray is infected! His new top priority: REPRODUCE! Time to bend over Betty and welcome the "Gray Goo"! Then the trap is laid out, the bait is butt-naked and the spook makes his presence known in this week's "Spook Hunters" episode. Hope they get that on camera! "Raid on Giolikki" continues with the tomb raiders about to panic over their little infestation problem. Those bugs are deadly but so far it looks like maybe.. they Might survive. Or not.


"Tasty Tit-bits" is back with "'Lectric Girl"! Sure, she gets gobbled like all the rest but this one's got magical tits that ZAP the girl-gobbler! Stimulating! "Star Vixen" continues and the fat green debauchery is non-stop. Betcha these brave explorers wish they'd just stayed home! Oh boy! James Lemay's "Alien Runner" is up with episode two. And where there's one horny alien there's usually more. And these guys don't take turns - they just all take HER! Naturally there's a "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" zinger. This week's oldie/moldy is "The Simulator" and if gravity gets you down yer gonna love it!


Remember why? I'll be fly'n old glory on Monday in remembrance of those that gave that "last full measure" to protect my sorry ass. Hope you'll join me.

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Busty Betty the bimbo buzzes around the SBC labs while Dr. Gray and his assistant try to get some work done on the "Gray Goo" project. But her deep-cleavage disturbance is about to get serious. And THEN she'll learn what kind of relief the good doctor really needs! And the clothes come off and the ghost taunting gets down to business in "Spook Hunters". It looks like Gummi's about to take one for the team if her plan works out. Silly gal..


Yeah they need some. A REALLY BIG can of RAID. "Raid on Giolikki" gets icky as bugs are squashed and the guts splatter! Less chatter - more hustle girls! The final chapter of the "Ugly Duck" saga is up in the "Fables of Fright" section today. Our sweet young thing is probably wishing that she hadn't sprouted now! "Venix" continues the sex-combat this week and another operative is sent to get the first two. Good luck with that! The first issue of "ABDUCTED!" is up! It's the one that started it all and now the hot chicks should ALL be watching the sky 'cause the sky is sure watching them! The first of many to fall victim to the yucky 'ol alien hoard is a nice country gal. Ya'll enjoy it now, ya hear? Then Donny's up inside the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" and the evilest of evil vampires has himself a tasty snack - courtesy of the cute 'lil redhead he scrounged up! Time to start..

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"Gray Goo<" begins this week! Deep in the underground labs of Spacebabe Central a dedicated team of scientists labors away to create nanite technology for the benefit of the whole human race. But people being people.. especially SBC people.. it doesn't quite work out. "Spook Hunters" returns and the team gets down to work. But with the attention span of a gnat, Gummi decides to try an experiment! "Raid on Giolikki" takes us to a distant world where a couple of Spacebabes have been tasked to retrieve a priceless artifact. They didn't know about the relics guardians!


"Venix" presents the creepiest and scariest thing a man could ever face. And I mean SCARY! Then "The Monster Channel" returns.. and so does the dead cheerleader! The horny scientist really DID bring her back from the dead but just as the celebration begins there's an interloper in their midst. James Lemay rotates back in with the first of the "Alien Runner" chapters. She's got a funny name but I 'spect you'll like her! Sure seems like her new friends do. The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up "Holes" this week. Sweet young thing and a new house. A house with big holes in the basement floor. And she just had to find out why!

Hard lesson.
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Lotta endings this week. First, "The Trap" wraps it up with some ghoul abuse (that turns into a meltdown!). Then "Immoral Kombat" concludes with some serious good fortune.. but only for the PUNISHER! "Aliens, Babes & Creatures" wraps it up too.. or does it just come full circle? Either way, ALL is revealed!


"Spook Hunters" gets down to the serious work of detecting spirits. Gummi has an intense premonition but says nothing to the other investigators. Odd.. Then the "Star Vixen" gang finds out a lot more than they wanted to know about the native lifeforms - but hey - it's all for science! There's a new short story called "Alien Encounter". It's about, uh.. an.. alien encounter? You guessed it! And as usual the unsuspecting babe discovers that she really SHOULD have suspected! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" pulls the chain on this week's update with "Tentacle Trap". A hot (but inattentive) pilot bangs up her spaceship and crashes.. meets icky tentacle beast.. and love is in the air! Well, until she does that thing with the gun!

Hard lesson.
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If there's a spook lurking around your place the you'll wanna know about the "SPOOK HUNTERS"! They're the team of Psychic investigates that gets results! And they'll do WHATEVER it takes to lure out those pesky phantom pervs! Whatever it takes. Then "The Trap" has sprung and the ugly other-worlder is gonna try to make the best of it. But he better make sure that he pleases these gals or they'll tear him apart! Dancer Denz gets the full-on welcome from the PUNISHER this week in "Immoral Kombat" but she's not appreciating his effort. No matter. He's enthusiastic enough for both of them!


Oh yeah. "Space Cram" joins the lineup in the "Star Woes" section and your innocent recollections of childhood entertainment will NEVER be the same. Gotta love that 'lil guy in the helmet! An alien (cleverly disguised as a smokin' babe) invades a spaceship and proceeds to extract "DNA" from the crew in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine". But the crew's not complaining about this "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". Not even a little! "The Monster Channel" returns with a fresh update on the fallen bimbo - the victim of Frankenstein's Monster! But even as the doctor races to restore her life-force he can't keep his dick out of her friends! Sidebar: If we could wrap some wire around Bela Lugosi's corpse and surround his coffin with magnets we could power a city with all that spinning! Then the "Star Vixen" saga begins as the captain and crew explore a newly discovered planet. And they get explored right back!

Only seems fair, ya know?
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"Riki Lixx" takes the final thrust this week and her alien captor has had a great time. Riki.. less so, but that's the Spacebabe way! "The Trap" has sprung and two gorgeous gals have the upper hand with thier captive ghoul! But can he perform as they expect or will parts just fall off? "Immoral Kombat" is closing in on the last few issues but the action isn't slowing down at all. One gals gets a mini-creature reaming in the forest while another one has BIG bug problems. And Danz locks up with the PUNISHER!


"Lost lands: Aftermath" is up from Briaeros! It's terror in the terminal as the full extent of the ancient gods power becomes apparent! It might just be time to go with the flow gals. If ya can't beat 'em learn to suck tentacles? "Aliens, Babes & Creatures" returns with an epic orgy of brightly colored aliens and our poor little Earth girl has just barely survived. But she's not safe, more like "pickled"! "Venix" joins the lineup as the Space Rangers get an urgent mission. But if it interrupts their tryst it might just have to wait! Then there's a kickin' "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry this week! Sweet revenge from beyond the grave in "The Old Winston Place". Excellent!

Updates are on Friday nights now - in case you missed the announcement a few weeks ago. Nice start for the weekend!

I think I'll start right now.
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But for some reason the gals decided that they had to catch a zombie thing and so they laid "The Trap". And this week they caught a "live" one! The "Abduction of Riki Lixx" continues as the alien can't decide which end to take. So why not both? Danser Denz goes to the PUNISHER this week and seems to think that she deserves better treatment than the rest. He apparently disagrees. "Immoral Kombat" concurs. Punish her!


This week's brand new "Fable of Fright" is "Ugly Duck 2". She's not ugly anymore! But there some evil spook that's noticed her fine profile and he's gonna make her wish that she was! If she lives that long. I LOVE this next theme - hypnosis. "Vaudeville" is up in the short story section about a side show where the swinging watch leads women to do all kinds of nasty things. And then it REALLY gets bad! Final issue of "The Living Brain" is up and the brain's plan is a roaring success! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" cranks out "Interstellar" about one of those test "first contact" scenes. And naturally there's a LOT of contact!

Mike da Mutant



Seriously.. how horny do a couple of hot babes have to be to wanna set "The TRAP" for an undead lover? Yuck. Pretty desperate I'm guessing. But they seem to know what they're doing and the bait is first rate! And as if she hasn't suffered enough, "Riki Lixx" has a dildo down her throat until the alien gets a new idea. Now she's getting some herself from the highly confused E.T. The "Immoral Kombat" gals slice and dice each other tirelessly but there's a gang of little zombie's chasing a new chick through the woods with unpure intentions. Is it part of the tournament or just a distraction? We'll see.


The poor lost Earthgirl hides in the shadows of the alien craft but she can't un-see what she's watching! A lusty alien 3-way makes her lose all control and she's about to join the "Aliens, Babes & Creatures" sex party! This week's short story is "Out for Blood". A brave female warrior calls out a demon for a duel but it doesn't quite go as she planned. But then again.. maybe it did! "The Living Brain" finally joins the party-in-progess and gets himself fully wedged inside the gorgeous blonde. She's cumming unglued and he's pouring on the mental molestation just to show off! And Donny illustrates the way to win big-time in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machines" "Straight Flush"! Lucky at cards AND at love! Damn.. I hate those friggin' aliens. They get all the luck.

Mutants just get scraps!
Mike da Mutant



And that's still one too many as "OUTRAGE" concludes this week. Shannon has destroyed the alien scumbags that have plagued her for years. But the biggest one is yet to be reckoned with. Last chance - GONE next week! "The Abduction of Riki Lixx" changes pace as her alien abductor announces that "foreplay is over"! "The Living Brain" hasn't made an appearance yet but his mind-numbed avatars are on a roll. Virgins no more, the innocents have yet to grasp their true fate. Ignorance is bliss..


She's never been popular. But then as puberty concludes an amazing transformation takes hold of one 'lil "Ugly Duckling" that will change her life forever. Or maybe end it. It's a new "Fable of Fright" series that begins right now! Dunno what that thing is that's having a go at our fresh guest in "Immoral Kombat 2". But whatever it is - it's got the hots for the gorgeous babe it's humpin' and shows it's appreciation! Hope it bought her dinner first. Then it's time for "THE THING" in the short story section! One poor gal will discover how many "things" she can handle! He's gotta bunch of 'em. Naturally, "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits out an oldie that spurns convention. Deep inside, you know that she wants it. Good thing - cause that's exactly where it goes!

Mike da Mutant



A clueless alien prods and gropes and then finally ray-zaps her while she's strapped to its examination table. But is it really just after some ass? Ya gotta watch "The Abduction of Rikki Lixx"! Then you can't keep a good Spacebabe down! Shannnon's wriggled her way free and now she's on a tear in "OUTRAGE". And her alien foes are the ones get'n torn! You just gotta love her when she's angry! Boobs and blades dominate "Immoral Kombat" but who's the new gal and what the hell is that looming above her? Next up: Melissa hides out from the bad guys deep in the swamp. But the bad guys aren't the real threat. Not even close! She's just learning how much trouble she's got in "Aliens, Babes & Creatures".


One of those loose legged beauties in "The Monster Channel" has died! But no fear. The friendly doctor says he can fix her! Huh? It's two against one in the bedroom as "The Living Brain" begins his big-boob pajama party. And there's a jealous boyfriend outside who just got invited to partake! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" gets the mummyfuckation treatment this week with "Tainted Treasure". One seriously hot explorer learns the price of trespassing!


Next week we're gonna switch to a FRIDAY update. Justa FYI.

So 'till then!
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Yep. And that's what gets her into trouble. Riki Lixx gets zapped in another "ABDUCTION" and this one's electric! She's in for hell! And Shanon's not doing any better. She's so overpowered and so pinned under a giant size alien that there's no room to breath! But her struggles are fantastic in "OUTRAGE". Donny presents "Dora Spikes" and the feckless 'lil alien that wants her so badly. Until he gets her! "Immoral Kombat" is an ass-woopers dream! Ample buns taste the PUNISHER's whip while blades of death begin to bite in the contest above.


Or just a multi-tentacled omnivorous terror of days gone by? Either way, he's got the gals. He's got 'em ALL. And he's in total control. I know it looks really bad but in reality.. it's MUCH MUCH WORSE! Don't miss this issue of "Lost Lands: Aftermath"! "The Living Brain" returns with a suspisious offer from an unseen recluse. But for 4100,000 each, three gals decide to take the challenge. Let's see how that works out for 'em! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" surfaces with "Shockwave". A couple of sun bathing gals decide to check out the WW2 submarine that just washed up on the beach. Gee... what could go wrong?

Beats me!
Mike da Mutant



One hot Spacebabe makes the ultimate sacrifice this week as she's first the entertainment and then the main course in "Food Chain"! Sometimes the bad-guys win. But not always.. like in "OUTRAGE". Shannon's taking a helluva beating at the hands (paws, mandibles?) of three nasty aliens that are REALLY enjoying her pain. But with every pause in their attack she comes back with some hay-makers! And.. just to clear the record.. that "Dying tiger can still deal death" quote.. well, I plagiarized that from a guy named Robert E. Howard who passed on back in 1936. It's from one of his original "CONAN the Barbarian" novels and it's stuck with me since I first read it back in my school days. Uncounted ages ago..


Dancer Denz finally comes to blows with Flashblade in this week's "Immoral Kombat 2" episode while Firestorm tastes the lash of the PUNISHER! The new issue of the "Monster Channel" is up! That load of cheerleaders from the bus is taking on all cummers! Mad doctors, patchwork monsters and werewolves ALL get the sweet teen nookie but the gravy train's about to come to a hard stop! Basta takes a button spot with "Aliens, Babes & Creatures" this week. Check out the misogynistic doodles enjoy the terror! "Attack of the Living Brain" returns with mind-blowing sex (literally - like "POOF" -brain is gone). It seems that our brain-boy not only sports an impossible erection, he ABSORBS the mind of his victim! Wish I had that ability back in school. But then again.. I didn't really date lady Einsteins.. Finally, the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" oozes out a wild one with "Dracula Erotic". Sweet young thang thinks he's gonna suck her blood. But he's got far better in mind!

Me too!
Mike da Mutant



We can make it better (by comparison)! These gals are a LOT worse off than us! Like Shannon in "OUTRAGE". She's get'n the bloody hell knocked out of her! There's three of those alien assholes just wailing on her and worse.. off comes the clothing! Lookin' good.. Then the second "babe in black" get's a nasty snack courtesy of the hairy carnivore! Next minute, shes on all fours as he strips away her clothes in this weeks "Food Chain"!


Danser Denz has 'em in "Immoral Kombat". The other gals split their encounters - one victorious and another banished to the realm of the PUNISHER! Bad things happen there! A short story called "Vouyer" is up about a guy that's REALLY in bad shape (and his oh-so-lovely wife!) and the second issue of the "Attack of the Living Brain" awaits your perusal. "Urban Legends" is also in the short story section. A back-alley tryst goes awry (always wanted to say that!) and there's not gonna be a happy ending!


The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has a howling good tale that proves that guys lie like dogs. Or wolves.. whatever. "Snacktime" is not your ordinary "meet me in the woods baby" kinda story for one unlucky gal!

Mike da Mutant



That's what a furious Shannon says in "OUTRAGE" as she faces her alien tormentors. But she probably didn't know that there would be so damn many of them! Then in "Foodchain" he's barely finished his first snack when another Spacebabe intrudes upon his privacy. Well, he's gonna need that energy 'cause this one's not so easy to kill! "Immoral Kombat 2" is brimming with half-naked babes in deadly combat and lots of pain. But when Dancer Denz gets her top ripped off by a zombie-ish creature and those huge honkers spill out, she suddenly knows how to achieve her victory! Or so she thinks..


You should - 'cause it's time to nestle on the couch with your main squeeze and enjoy some quality "Tasty TitBit" entertainment! Slash and gobble movies: chicks must dig 'em! The short story section gets "eXXXcavation" this week. Those damn 'ol tombs.. always some earwic-ish supernatural horror around to make us poor mortals go nuts and screw each other to death. When will they ever learn? Then last week's conclusion of Slid's "Beach Blanket Bimbo" was kinda the inspiration for his "ATTACK of the Horny Brain" series. The first issue is up right now! "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" comes up with "The Boogie Blue Man" from way out there somewhere. A strange metamorphosis takes over an otherwise unimpressive prisoner and allows him to overpower (nice way to say it) his taunting but luscious jailer. Always leave 'em wanting more, right?

Like she could take more..
Mike da Mutant



The furry beast in "Food Chain" does. And lucky for him there's a handy Spacebabe in pursuit that looks absolutely YUMMY! Shannon is out numbered and vulnerable in the alien lair of "OUTRAGE". She's in deep shit and needs to figure out how to turn this around - fast! Quickblade reveals her winning guile and Dancer makes an entrance in "Immoral Kombat" even as Firestorm endures intense pain and humiliation from arch-enemy Scorpia.


Tlaltechhtli (sounds just like it's spelled?) is close to complete victory in "Lost Lands: Aftermath". Forced to watch, Cameron sees her friends ravished by Big T's (easier to spell) avatars and she's helpless to intervene. Through it all, she knows that she survives only to become the grand finale' of this epic tragedy. And it won't be long. The second half of "Beach Blanket Bimbo" is up and Mrs. Collier barely notices when her young lover Wally gets his brain popped out by a.. froggy-thing. But when froggy decides to take Wally's place in the saddle it's a different story! Then even the best ideas can have unintended consequences. Like when your sex-bot gets lockjaw! Assured it's just a "Glitch" he's gonna try it out again. Any guesses what happens? And finally the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" tells the tale of an "Alien Force" that picked the wrong bimbos to rape. But they got what they came for first!

So that's a victory, right?
Mike da Mutant



No time to waste that is. "The Author" concludes this week and next week it's GONE so get in there and enjoy it whilst you can! "OUTRAGE" is just get'n to the good part though. Shannon dispatches one creepy alien and proceeds to find the rest. She's ambushed on the way and barely escapes before her spacecraft is destroyed. But where the hell is she? And what's on the other side of those curtains? "Immoral Kombat" sees Firestorm get some electrocution overtime and introduces Quickblade. Quickblade is played by Nika Noire and if you don't recognize the goddess of deepthroat - Google her. Astounding woman...


Slid's up with "Beach Blanket Bimbo" a lovely tale about a red-hot MILF who wants to make sure that her daughters suitor is worthy of her. And boy does she! Only problem is that their beach sex has caught the attention of something big, slimy and horny as hell! Two part'r - conclusion next week. "The Recruiter" is also up in the short story section. Interstellar exploration has never been so damn fun! Gotta get me one of them purple gals! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits up "BRAZOV" this week. Hot babe with a broken-down car seeks help in exactly the wrong place. After the bats had stripped off my clothes I'd have probably turned around, but thankfully, she didn't! Then It's "Monster Channel" time! That bus load of cheerleaders is sure comin' in handy as Igor, The doctor AND the Monster get more sex than anything evil deserves! But the curfew has expired and the "Hybrids" are about to pounce!

So pounce on it!
Mike da Mutant



Man.. Mz typist still has punctures from the vampire and now she gets a visit from the Wolf Man? "The Author" makes another appearance in her room and now she's REALLY gotta be asking herself "How badly do I need this job?". Then it's time to spill the beans or face the consequences for an evil alien in "Outrage". Shannon doesn't seem in the mood for any BS so he better start talking - while he can! Scorpia is freshly resurrected after her time with the PUNISHER. And she's a bit upset about it all - so she's gonna take her frustrations out on "Immoral Kombat 2's" Firestorm! Hell hath no fury...


Well.. all her options are exhausted and her last hope has vanished - guess it's time to screw some Zombies in the final chapter of "Greely's Grove"! And there's a field trip to the traveling "Psychotic Sex Carnival"! The girls are goin', why not tag along? I mean, what could possibly go wrong? You've seen the latest iteration of "The Day the Earth Stood Still"? Yeah.. not all that good (the 50's version was a classic!) and not REALLY what happened. But you can count on us to deliver the truth as "The Day the Earth Caught Some Slack" reveals the truth behind the legend! Of course it ain't a wrap until the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" does it thing right? This week's entry is "Mistress of the Monster". Some chicks are just too dumb to live!

They never learn..
Mike da Mutant



Shannon looks like she's about to fly apart as the her alien opponent gets her from behind and gets off by swingin' her tits. But the "OUTRAGE" Spacebabe has a few tricks of her own! That typist in "The Author" must REALLY need the money. She's back working with him and trying to convince herself it was just a bad dream. But then there's the bite marks..


"Star Woes" presents "The Cock Awakens" and if there's EVER been a parody like this I'll kiss a Wookie! Hans ain't "Solo" no mo! The "Monster Channel" is back with a fresh look at the trials and tribs of a mad scientist. Good thing that a busload of cuties just got dropped off at his door! "Immoral Kombat" resumes as the PUNISHER teaches a loser that NOW is not the time to fight. NOW is the time to SUFFER! "Greely's Grove" continues in the short story section and the Zombie hoard is havin' a good 'ol time with these cheerleaders. Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up the final "Night with a Vampire" comic and the bloodletting is second only to the LUST. All-in-all it's a helluva good time!

Let 'em roll.
Mike da Mutant



Hmm... Just when you thought it was over! "Lost Lands" is back with a fresh "AFTERMATH" series! Now the possessed gals are free to take the world for their evil god! There's gonna be 4 or 5 chapters so stay tuned. One really pissed off Spacebabe is pounding on an unlucky alien like he' the source of all her woe. (In fact he is - kinda). And once he's done she'll still be a gal-on-fire in "Outrage"! And teeth sink into a willing neck as "The Author" taps some fresh blood (and nookie) from his typist. But she comes right back to work! Musta been a dream right?


And brought it's sweet tooth for Earth gals! "From Space with Hunger" is up in the "Tasty Tit-bit" section and this close encounter comes with a mighty appetite! Then a 3-part mini series is starting in the short story section. "Greely's Grove" - it's cheerleaders vs zombies out in the woods (and I'm rooting for the zombies)! Another one bites the dust in "Immoral Kombat" and the PUNISHER will get a real treat from this 'lil blonde! "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up another "Night with a Vampire" and now there's two of them - and they're both on the hunt!

Friggin' vamps.. they get ALL the hotties!
Mike da Mutant



And it grabs and sucks and thrusts too! Just ask the typist in "The Author" as his story springs to life and she's the victim! Then Shannon's loose and on the hunt. They should have killed her when they had the chance but now the bodies will stack up like cord wood as the beautiful Spacebabe takes her "OUTRAGE" to the source! Then Firestorm takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin' as "Immoral Kombat" resumes with sparks!


Herbie he's NOT! But this "love bug" still has plenty of tricks! "Star Woes" rocks on with "Herpies the Love Bug" and his new driver drives him WILD! Funny though.. they never go anywhere. There's two short stories up this week. First is "Stranger in the Dark" about an alien who messes with the wrong gal and then "Tigress" about the long arm of the law comin' up short when faces with alien dicks! Then - OH BOY! - The second "Night with a Vampire" is up in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine". One of my all-times favorites!

Mike da Mutant



Yeah..that sucks. But be glad you're not the over-boobied typist in "The Author" - her work followed her home and now it's gonna fuck her! Good jobs are hard to come by. And Shannon has taken all that she can. How much longer until she dies? Or escapes..? "OUTRAGE" is gonna be a blood-bath! "Immoral Kombat 2" takes up where IK1 stopped. And the best looking sword-swinging racks in the fantasy universe are bouncin' by to rend demons asunder and generally kill anything that moves.


"Bad JU-JU" is up in the short story section and it's not the dumbass with the gun that's the threat. It's that voodoo bitch! I propose that all voodoo-ers be registered or we'll confiscate their .. uh .. magicalness? Just kidding.. no need for mutant dolls! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" came up with a doosie! "Night with a Vampire" is a wonderful tale of insatiable lust and power. And there's three more "Night with.." stories to come in succession. Eat 'em up! There's a new "STAR WOES" up today! Maybe you'll recognize "Guy of Eight"? Or not - didn't ring any bells with me. But none-the-less it's a kickin' tribute to the all-male fantasy theme of tough babes undone and "utilized"! Then Slid serves up "Sorceress Slap-down" about two magical babes that both want to dominate the same poor boy. But in the end it's HIS night to howl!

So let's howl with him!
Mike da Mutant



Not for Shannon. She's the busty Spacebabe get'n tied and beaten in "Outrage" and so far things are NOT going her way! And we're starting "The Author" this week. Poor gal takes a dream job but finds out that it's a NIGHTMARE! We get a new set of oversized knockers in "Immoral Kombat" and they're attached to a sword wielding warrior named "Flashpoint". She wastes a zombie right off the bat - just to make an impression!


But it's worth the effort! "The Monster Channel" serves up another chapter of strange people and dirty deeds this week and "New Years Eve" appears in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" with a cautionary tale for you party animals on the way home tonight. Just skip the graveyard sex and you'll be okay. Naked summer-day frolicking turns to naked TERROR in "Horror in the Grass" and one abducted Earth girl gets rejected by her alien captor 'cause she's TOO HAPPY about being taken? Hmm.. it's "A Thing Possesed" in the short story section.

2016. Whodathink it?
Mike da Mutant


Merry Christmas!

We've got some Christmas specials! Like "Twas the Night before.." in the "Fables of Fright" section. Who knew Santa had a daughter? And a story about a gift that TAKES is in the "Tasty Tit-bit" area called "Silent Fright". Then Back to the scary stuff. "Long Distance Demon" wraps up this week and we're starting "Outrage" - probably the best of Shanon the Spacebabe's adventures (so far). It's a tough life being a Spacebabe!


Maybe. "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presents "Nayana" about guys that pickup chicks in tombs and an unlucky cop chases a monster into the sewers - but he's been waiting for her in "The Underground". Death gets to work overtime in "Immoral Kombat" as tough babes bite the dust in ways most gruesome!

Speaking of gruesome.. sorry about the lack of a 'What's New' last week, Sick sick sick and just happy to get the update posted on time. Much better now and lookin' forward to the holidays.

Hope you are too!
Mike da Mutant



And exactly what she needed to get home.. kinda. "Time Raider" wraps it up this week and she back in Mexico! But she's a little early.. Then "SHATTERED" rocks on with one less Spacebabe but just as many horny aliens and "Long Distance Demon" teases it's way to a pre-orgasmic state that's NOT sustainable. "Immoral Kombat" serves up a chain choke, a brutal beating and fresh meat for the Punisher! Then there's a brand-new short story called "Rubba-Dub-Dub" with a watery Norse God and "Shockwave" features more of those pesky Nazi ghosts havin' at it with some bikini babes. The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up "The Swimmin' Hole" from the mighty Slid and..

that's it for now. Sorry, 3 hours in the dentist chair today. Just gonna go eat some pills and take a nap before my face explodes.
Mike da Mutant



"Why did this one stop moving?" Bad news for the Spacebabe corps. One of our best has has expired - just another broken toy defiled by the aliens in "SHATTERED". There WILL be a payback! And another movies begins.. "Long Distance Demon" - what happens when science and the occult merge - with two horny babes in control?


"Star Woes" style that is! "Fucktails" is up and the Ducks aren't REALLY in it. More like a rolling DICK! Best to be nice to the robo-gendarm ya know? Then how's about some BEEF? The "Time Raider" takes on the Minotaur the only way she can - with legs wide open! "Deadly Sex" is this weeks short story about an exclusive hooker that gives her clients something that they just can't get anywhere else! "Immoral Kombat" sees the PunisHER DESTROY Scorpia and Medusa takes a staggering blow that just might end her. And there's a jewel in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry! The "Devil's Wishing Well" sets a sweet babe up as a staggering beauty but she soon finds out the cost. But it might have been worth it!

Mike da Mutant



"Bloody Harry" concludes this week and nobody gets out alive. This urban legend is gonna have a happy Thanksgiving with all that tasty white meat! "SHATTERED" breaks the scream-o-meter as the alien scumbags maul and grope and then go in for the moist tender parts! Poor Spacebabes... they're the good time had by all!! Then we're finally gonna get a look at what Scorpia has been hiding under that white Ninja suit! The Punisher is gonna make her PAY for losing in "IMMORAL KOMBAT"!


And she does. There's a Creation fable up in the "Fable of Fright" section. It's not e x a c t l y the way you remember it but Eve's still tangles with the snake! And if you need a little pick-me-up after your Thanksgiving feast be sure to check out this week's "Time Raider". Bianca gets the bull while Kandi indulges the future mutants! Good times! YUMMY! In the spirit of the season comes "SLIME TIME" in the "Tasty Tit-Bits" section. Pass the butter please oh never mind - she's sliding right in! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" doesn't even say "pardon me" as it burps up "Curiosity" a clever tale of a gal that wanted to know - and what she found out!

Best wishes for a great Thanksgiving!
Mike da Mutant



This is what most people would call a disaster. So you send out two Spacebabes to nab some bad-guy aliens and >ZAP< they both get captured. Me? I think of it as a chance to see what they've got under those now "SHATTERED" outfits. I'm sure it'll all work out. Almost sure. Then "Bloody Harry" takes 'lil miss heroine for an around the shop humpin'. If she's got any tricks now would be the time to use 'em.


This week's "Immoral Kombat" is tough on the contestants. Black Rose gets all burnt up and Scorpia gets flash frozen. Medusa gets treated to the Punisher's tender mercies and all-in-all it's a pretty bad day to be any one of them! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" is kinda scary. This week's offering could put us guys outta business! Government goon meets Alien in "The Monster Channel" this week. And the Alien's still standing. The "Time Raider" gets her lesbo session interrupted by and gang of fanged apes who want in on the act. 'Least they don't talk much. The last of Slid's "Alien Autopsy" tales is up. This time the stacked scientist is a volunteer - she wants to find the other missing women. And she does.. I think.

Next weeks update will be on Wednesday so we don't compete with turkey time.
Mike da Mutant



"Bloody Harry" can't believe his good fortune now that another silly gal has dropped into his evil dimension. The serial vivisector wastes no time in getting some fresh nookie before she expires! And "SHATTERED" begins. Two Spacebabes are dispatched to round up a gang of alien rapists but they become their latest victims when they step into an ambush! This one sets up "ORDEAL" (to follow) and THAT sets up a BRAND NEW DEATHMATCH right after! So kick back and enjoy the ride!


Not for a highwayman (highwaywoman?) named "Robyn Hood"! When she stopped that coach her life was over. Now it's just up to the vampire within to decide how long she must suffer before she'll be allowed to expire. Then there's lots of erotic and lethal action in our newest "Fable of Fright" - but if that's really Robyn... you can see why her followers were all MERRY MEN! Share the spoils baby! Slid's back with "Alien Autopsy 2". This time the smart folks in the underground lab have a security guard posted in there with the doctor and the alien corpse. But naturally, that just means that there's two victims this time! Bianca LOVES to eat Kandi! But before she can satisfy her sweet-tooth a dirty misshapen claw reaches out of the darkness and rakes her shoulder. Who does she have to screw to escape this time? Just another day in life of the "Time Raider".


Of course the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has something to offer - three amazing Spacebabes are performing a little station maintenance when they're beset upon by a hideous tentacled alien in a flying saucer. Quicker then you can say "Space Station #9" they're all crammed full of probing tentacles and begging for release! A new battle begins between Black Rose and Firestorm as the "titty ninjas" decide their issue - fatally. And Medusa becomes the newest plaything of THE PUNISHER so all-in-all it's a BUSY week for "IMMORAL KOMBAT"!

No mercy!
Mike da Mutant



And it doesn't even slow him down. "Bloody Harry" takes it and still beats her down and strips her naked! Sure, he's EVIL - but ya gotta admire his persistence! Then the long-dead miner from the "Miner's Tomb" gets his second piece of ass in the last 100 years and he's lovin' it! Sadly, the shapely spelunker doesn't appear to share his enthusiasm. Oh well.. ya can't please everybody.


So should you ever find yourself performing an autopsy on an extra-terrestrial - PLEASE - drive a stake through his heart before you start! Slid's "Alien Autopsy" (the first of three) should convince you. Think about how awkward THAT would be! The dead return to battle in "Immoral Kombat"! Good thing too or we'd be running out of gorgeous babes to throw into deadly fights. This week Firestorm gets the last of her punishment (yuck - gooey) and Ninjas clash! But there's far worse things out there in the world. Like the government goon that shows up in "The Monster Channel" demanding to see the alien invader. Fortunately, Mrs. homemaker thinks fast and sucks quicker as she buys the little green guy some time. Prison bites. The "Time Raider" is stuck in Alcatraz and there's nobody willing to help her escape. But escape she does - painfully - and now she's awakens to a naked babe who says she's a clone? Wild! "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" is bursting with terror as "Daddy's Girls" (the proverbial farmers daughters) hook up with a couple of guys from outta town. WAY outta town.

Still on a sugar rush from Halloween,
Mike da Mutant



Hope so! I'll bet we can make it better though! "Bloody Harry" is bangin' the blonde and this week he's string'n her up! And man.. she's definitely "ornamental"! "The Miner's Tomb" welcomes a new ghost as the stacked spelunker expires. But the fun's not over - he's moving on to her friend! Then "It Hungers" is a seasonal short story about a nasty scarecrow and an unlucky farmers wife. The corn field will never be the same!


Guess what. There really IS a monster under the bed! This week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry has a big-boob beauty that returns to her childhood bedroom and discovers that her little-girl fears were REAL! And "IMMORAL KOMBAT" has Medusa about to expire while Firestorm learns what real punishment is. These girls are NOT having a happy holiday! The "Time Raider" gets off in ancient Rome and wakes up in ALCATRAZ! And the inmates are EXTREMELY happy to see her! Uh oh.. Involuntary confinement continues with "Space Prison" as a gorgeous new arrival gets tossed into a cell with the biggest alien scumball that she's ever seen. Poor guy..

Hope you get lots of goodies this weekend!
Mike da Mutant



"Bloody Harry" has the blonde bent over a bar stool and LOVES the swivel feature! She may be a tad less happy about it.. And the long dead 49er takes everything that he wants from the trapped cave explorer. Fortunately, she's got plenty to share inside "The Miners Tomb"! Firestorm's gigantic tits won't save her from the PUNISHER experience in "Immoral Kombat". You lose - you PAY!


A shapely FBI agent gets a little too close to a serial killer and becomes his next victim. Good thing he's a got a buddy to dispose of this "Tasty Titbit". It's back to ancient Rome for the "Time Raider". And she's just in time for an old-fashioned orgy! Whoda thunkit? The "Master of the Underworld" craws out of the sewer for some fresh meat. And tonight's his lucky night! Finally, the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has "Mercy" - a story about a deadly mission to put down a zombie - and how it went wrong!

Don't try it at home.
Mike da Mutant



'Cept.. NOT! The gorgeous blonde with the spectacular rack went off to save Dan. Dan's dead. And now "Bloody Harry" has her and is REALLY gonna make sure that she regrets that decision. But you gotta admire his "shuddup and bend over" seduction! Spelunker #1 gets a dose of the ghosts magic dust and now she's awake and deep into a close encounter! "The Miners Tomb" turns out to be a great place to hang if you wanna get laid.. by a ghost! Then "Immoral Kombat" just flows with the juices of life. And death. Firestorm is on the verge of defeat and soon will be delivered to the unsympathetic PUNISHER to learn the price paid by the vanquished. Meanwhile the Black Ninja destroys her zombie opponent and Lightning Strike gets her face painted with demon cum for her defeat. Sucks to be her!


The "Time Raider" does! She just got zapped into some prehistoric cave where a group of pre-humans decides that she's there to amuse them. And amuse them she does since she's figured out that the time shift happens only AFTER everybody gets off! Lucky for her - she's pretty good at get'n ANYBODY off! Guess she's just gonna have to put out endlessly - hoping that she finally gets sent back to her time. There's a new "Fable of Fright" this week! "Robin Hood" (part 1 of 2) begins with Robin taking down a coach - as usual. But this incarnation of Robin is a stacked babe and the coach rider is an evil vampire. Robin learns to give head and soon faces her worst fear - deflowering! Hey - don't do the crime unless you can do the time! Right? Or the heinous acts of sexual depravity!


It is for the birthday girl who visits the sooth-sayer! Now that her fortune's been read it's just a formality when the demon of kinky sex shows up at her home and makes good on that forecast! It's in the short story section and called "Deadly Predictions". Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up a real cringe-comic. "The Back of Beyond" starts off right with a biker dude, an easy chick and a terrific sexual tryst. But then somebody has to morph into a monster and ruin it! But at least it..

..wasn't me this time!
Mike da Mutant



And sooo screwed. The big boobed blonde decides to pursue Dan after he says the words "Bloody Harry" and disappears. Now the fiend with the cut-off saw has her! After getting trapped by a cave-in two other beauties collapse from exhaustion and receive a ghostly visitor in "The Miners Tomb", There's no escape from "Immoral Kombat" for Black Rose! Back from the punisher, she once again faces off in deadly Kombat with Firestorm! Uh oh..one of the Kickass Chicks has gone way off the reservation and her sisters go to extremes to reel her back in! It's this weeks "Monster Channel" update.


Could be worse.. Bianca, James Lemays "TimeRaider/a>" gets tied up and face-fucked by an Egyptian god then gang-banged by his worshipers. Even her eventual escape dumps her in the path of a bunch of oversize monkeys who also think that she's kinda cute! Sheeeesh.! And who'da thunk that taking a little nap would turn into an attack by a sex crazed spook? Not me! But that's what happens in "The Chaste" this week! Finally the mighty "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spews forth the last of Donny's "Nosferatu" comics this week. Vampires... ugly goons that get all the girls. Grrr..

Vampires suck!
Mike da Mutant



Better get 'em under control if you plan to watch this weeks movies! One explores a deadly "urban myth" and the other explores a cave. Kinda... But what really gets explored is the two spelunkers that get trapped in "The Miners Tomb" and those feckless "dare ya" girls in "Bloody Harry". All four gals get rude surprises, unwanted stiffies and lots and lots of cruel suffering - needless to say. But I said it anyway. These are two terrific flics with drop-dead gals and lots of peril - hope ya dig 'em!


"Tasty Tit-bits" has a new comic called "Monster Hunter 2" this week! Some crazy babe actually goes down the monsters throat on purpose! I'm so confused.. I thought that they didn't like getting eaten! Maybe it's the double penetration she's get'n on the way down. "DJINN" is up in the short story section. It's one of those "careful what you wish for" tales with a VERY clever Genie.


Now look.. I saw Black Rose get stabbed to death last week (with me own two eyes). But now, somehow she's alive and well enough to get punished by an oversize demon? Huh? Not - complaining - she looks great dodging demon dick - even better when she's caught. But obviously the rules of "Immoral Kombat" are a little more flexible than I thought. Hmm... James Lemay is up with "Time Raider" #2. Our booby-blessed heroine goes back to ancient Egypt where a band of thieves decides to take EVERYTHING that she has - offered or not! And Donny's "Nosferatu" continues in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" as that nasty blood sucker tears into another uber-hottie! Vampires get all the girls. >sigh<

Vampires suck!
Mike da Mutant



BOTH of the double feature flics wrap it up this week with a BANG! "Unauthorized Entry" gets a happy ending (all over the hapless Spacebabe's face) and "Demon Quest" is BURNING OUT with hatred and eternal damnation! Next week they'll be replaced so it's LAST CHANCE time fellas! James Lemay is up with a bedtime story.. "Time Raider"! She knows the legend of the time shifting serpent but discovers that the reality is even wilder than the legend! And now it's too damn late. Issue #1 is up!


..flat chested? No chance of that as another kombat fatality occurs. "Immoral Kombat" roars into it's fourth week as Black Rose goes for extra points by slicing Firestorms costume off instead of landing a fatal blow. That was a strategic error to say the least. But then again.. it does free the titanic twins for all the world to see! A new "Monster Chanel" presentation of "Kickass Chicks" is up! This time the sisters have a little falling out when one screws the other's "OctoCock" boyfriend! Wait! The innocent one goes all EVIL? Yeesh!


It's everything! So when there's wholesale slaughter of trespassers I just kinda write it up to dumbosity and karma. Like "It's Alive". If that gorgeous empty headed babe wasn't where she shouldn't be then she wouldn't have awakened the monster and gotten GOT! Cause and effect - simple. And what about these two lovers that are messin' around in the vampires lair? "Nosferatu" begins in the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" this week with the first of several trespassing tramps and they get what they deserved! Okay... maybe killing them both after beating the boyfriend and ravishing the chick IS a little SEVERE... but hey - he's a friggin' evil vampire and they're not known for their manners! Kinda like..

..mutants? Nah..
Mike da Mutant


PPV UP! The first of many - finally went up last night. I picked the low-hanging fruit with "Blind Date" (it's a newer shoot - less to re-master for PPV).  I used it as my formatting experiment - and it actually worked! There's a big preview enabled so please go check it out in the PPV area - and let me know if you have any grief. If the free preview works, the movie will work.  I THINK I've got it down to a system now.. I think.

Mike da Mutant




"Demon Quest" goes to HELL! And we're going with it... as a single demon bite takes them both to an evil inferno. K.C. is possessed by the demon and the demon is SERIOUSLY pissed at Eve! 4 out of 5 pyromaniacs recommend it! "Unauthorized Entry" keeps the crotch-pounding action going - but it looks like we're about to run out of time! Fantasy fighting in "Immoral Kombat" this week with double duels between Lightning Strike and Medusa and Firestorm defends herself from Black Rose!


A new short story called "The Abduction" follows the trail of an abducted gal that's figured out how to deal with these pesky aliens. Make his dreams come true! And we'll all just see how that works out. Another shorty called "Leprechaun" tells the tale of a couple hotties that find the pot of gold. But finding is different from keeping..


"Vampire City" concludes this week with a cold-blooded murder and a three way. Now THAT'S how you end a story! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" rattles out the final chapter of "Haint" this week. That poor gal that's been the spooks sex-toy brings in a psychic to get rid of it. Predictably, hilarity follows..

Mike da Mutant



to a STICK fight! And it didn't work. "Demon Quest" has a demon that's bullet resistant! But after one babe bites the dust the other one SKEWERS the hairy demonic rapist and and sends his soul --- uh.. into her friends body? Oh boy.. it ain't over yet! "Unauthorized Entry" is a power-mad aliens DREAM! This gorgeous Spacebabe never stood a chance and he's so damn overpowering that she can't even try to resist! But she's learning to cope - even help him in a bid to hasten the outcome. Now THAT's a trooper!


This vicious ghost has got it made but he just can't keep from being an asshole. The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits up "Haint: issue 2" and the spook gets that fantastic nookie anytime he wants. She'd even dig it if he'd just tone down the maliciousness. But exposing her tits to the delivery man and slappin' her around is FINALLY gonna get her to deal with him. Dumbshit ghosts never recognize a good thing! Issue two of "Immoral Kombat" is up! Two new gals and a face-off of the victors are in the mix this week! Man.. we did good work with those costumes - Firestorm looks SO DAMN HOT!


When a fiendish Octo-man boards her vessel and helps himself to her "bounty" - one brave explorer can't fight back - but she WILL welcome her "Death before Dishonor"! Just hope it was worth it. Awakened from sleep, this MILF is 99% sure that the alien gang-bang she's experiencing is just a "Nightmare". But she should have just gone back to sleep instead of opening the door. Now it's too late! The werewolves are dead but there's still some loose ends in "Vampire City". The vampire hookers come clean on the plot to use Dixon - but what they want of him now may be more than he can deliver!

NOTABLE NOTE: I expected to have some new Pay Per Views available today but it's just not happening. The flics are ready but we have miles to go on the updated PPV page. I'm shootin' for Saturday so spin back in if you can and take a look-see!

Mike da Mutant



And proud of it! Well.. at least proud of "IMMORAL KOMBAT" - the photo series that delivers! Blood and gore, tits and ass, guys - this one's got it all! And the girls... to drool for. And then the movies - "Unauthorized Entry" and re-entry and re-entry and.. You get the idea. Gorgeous Spacebabe takes a brutal pounding from the alien bad-ass and it ain't his fist doin' the pounding! Then "Demon Quest" gets down to the dirty as Mr. Shaggysnarl corners K.C. and POUNCES! She's not gonna get away this time!


We've scored a new "Star Woes" comic! "Universal Soldier" is a battle that.. un no. It's not a battle. It's more like a lick-a-thon! Whatever.. it's got two horny babes with time on their hands and lots of non-battle action! "The Monster Channel" is back too with the conclusion of another "Love Suckers" massacre. Never trust a girl with pigtails.


Nah, I didn't just turn British - it's "Vampire City"! The vampires and the werewolves are down to the last two standing and they're both on death's short list. Matt Dixon is still struggling but he's spent as the beautiful vampire get screwed and skewered. Only two episodes left! And "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" struck pay-dirt with "Haint" this week. Slids ghostly tale of unwelcome guests just gets better every time - there's a Haint 2 & 3 next in line!

Ponder THAT!
Mike da Mutant



If you've ever had a daydream about chasing naked chicks around (c'mon, admit it) then you're gonna LOVE this weeks "Demon Quest" clips. 'Nuff said. And once you catch 'em.. well "Unauthorized Entry" has THAT covered! Great movie week!


"Lost Lands Underworld" Is up for the FINAL CHAPTER this week! Briaeros wraps this one up in epic "is it REALLY over?" style and at this point in time I have no idea what's next. New story? Or a sequel? I'll let you know when I find out! "The Perversion of Frankenstein" wraps it up this week too. Nothing left to do to her 'cept the final insult! Then a nosy chick finds out why she shouldn't be poking around in other peoples business. "Pandora's Box" gets well used indeed! The war continues in "Vampire City" when a detective and a vampire assassin bust in to save an acid spitting vampire queen! You don't see THAT every day gents. And squaring the circle - :The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" chugs up "Just Passing Through". Kinda like 'Walking Dead' but with a gorgeous survivor who can only find zombies when she needs to get laid.

Reminds me of my bar-hoppin' days..
Mike da Mutant



enough to rape a vampire.. you REALLY shouldn't stick ANYTHING down here throat. Really. "Vampire City" shows you why! Who knew that mutant-ism was contagious? I thought I was unique but "Routine Patrol" in The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" proves that anybody can aspire to my state of perfection. Whatta letdown - momma told me I was "special"! "The Perversion of Frankenstein" rolls on as the mean green fuckin' machine catches another nut. And the chick's about to lose her innards!


And you'll just get screwed all tired and sweaty! There's no escape for the beautiful booby girls in ">Demon Quest". But one of 'em has found a gun so things are about to get interestinger! And a betrayed Spacebabe can't even get un-plunged long enough to THINK about escape. She's an alien fuck-toy that's not goin' ANYWHERE 'cept where he wants her! (on the end of his dick). And it's all highly illegal 'cause he didn't get a plunging permit or his "Unauthorized Entry"! "Full Rock" part 2 is up to close out last weeks episode. Some aliens are just greedy. There's no need to Keep her after he's done - share with the rest of us you bastard! Gobble gobble? Not yet - but she's a snack anytime he wants since she's trapped in the funny-farm and he's in charge. NEVER bet against the monster in a "Tasty TitBit"! Or any other time really.

'Least around here!
Mike da Mutant



..the chrome right off a trailer hitch! But instead Natalie Minx is sucking some big mean alien cock this week! Poor thing thinks she'll get by with just some lip service but Mr. bad attitude is looking for some "Unauthorized Entry: Alien Penetration"! too! And our second video feature, "Bare Breasted Demon Quest" has Eve and K.C. jiggling for their lives as the hairy beast of hell pursues them with bad intentions! Both flics get updated this week with more to come. Much more!


It's back! "The Monster Channel" presents the newest vampire tale from the old country. You may THINK you recognize the characters but c'mon.. you KNOW they'll behave a bit differently in OUR version! Blood, blood, blood! It's EVERYWHERE in this weeks "Vampire City" episode. War spills into the open as the Werewolves and Vampires gather for the conclusive battle of their long-running conflict. Our feckless detective Matt Dixon is right in the middle of it and (naturally) fights for the vampires. After all, who the hell wants to have victory sex with a werewolf? Yech! And Frank wants to have babies with the squealy babe he's been bangin'! I think he'd be better off just crammin' that green wanker in her mouth to shut her up! But it not my call to make as the "Perversion of Frankenstein" continues.


When the museum closes one of the security guards makes a forceful move on his busty co-worker. But before he can even enjoy the sight of her huge swingin' boobies an alien leaps out of "the rock" and ends his lusty plans forever. Slid's two-part follow-up to "Hard Rock" is up in the short story section and is cleverly called "Full Rock". Part one is up now and the wet, messy, diabolical conclusion is lined up for next week! Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" tops it off with "Maneater"! Alien sex is really not something you get into without a little research, ya know? The life you save could be your own.


You may be wondering what's up with the dual feature flics. Short answer is that I'm buying some time and trying to organize the next BIG shoot. I have three amazing story scripts in hand but each and every one requires a BIG cast and shooting on location (and BIG $). While I wheedle and squirm trying to get the cast lined up (worse then herding cats) I'm draggin' out some of the best from days gone by and slammin' 'em up two at a time! That said there's a lot to look forward to and you can expect to see many new faces (and bodies) in our next release. Details will follow as the shoot tightens up. But brother.. I'm stoked!

And that's a great place to sign off!
Mike da Mutant



That's right - TWO MOVIES from now until fall! "DEMON QUEST" is a frantic terror chase with Eve and K.C. Cannons that'll get your pulse pounding as you watch them run for their lives! But alas.. they're both gonna go to the fiery pit of hell - and you'll get to see it all! And "UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY" has Spacebabe Natalie Minx caught up in a double-crossed mission to secure an alien DNA sample (or so she thinks). But the alien is NOT friendly and it's gonna be a real challenge to survive for the buxom babe. Can she suck and fuck her way out of THIS one? We'll see.


Slid's back with "Hard Rock" - a tale of a sexy scientist who's just too damn smart for her own good. And the "Perversion of Frankenstein" dishes out the pussy probing punishment on a monstrous scale! But did you notice that she's complaining less? There's a brand-new "Fable of Fright<" called "The Owl and the Pussycat" with a fat (but rich) sugar-daddy and his sexy girlfriend. But then there's a monster who wants in on the act. (Isn't there always?). Things twist and turn and you'll NEVER see this ending coming! "Vampire City" bursts out into open war between the vampires and the werewolves this week (why can't we all just get along?). The werewolves hit hard and in numbers but there's not much that's scarier than a really pissed off vampire! Of course the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" contributes. This week it's an "E.R. Emergency" when a dying victim suddenly turns into a killer beast in the operating room!

Enjoy! Lotsa beans to spill about movie plans but up against the deadline this week. So much work - so few remaining brain cells...

Stay tuned,
Mike da Mutant



Ya know.. it's hard being a mutant sometimes. I mean I'm used to screwing up but it still stings to do it publicly. But man I pood the scrooch this time! A minor miscalculation (complete mental fart) that went unnoticed last week just bit me in the ass this week when I discovered to my horror that I only had about 1 minute of "Final Report" left to show! Soooo... once my hearts slowed down I went searching for a way to make amends. And I think I came up with a good one!

On the "Final Report" page - right below the member clip is a "Mutant's Apology" link that'll take you to a six and a half minute blowjob by Nadia (she who sends the final report) just to show ya that the gal really CAN do a number on the real thing! I made this as a test for some new mini-clips I'm working on and now seemed like a good time to test it (and possibly save some face). So enjoy with my compliments and my apologies for the fuck-up.There's no preview clip of it - I owe the MEMBERS but let's not get crazy! Sorry freebie guys. Oh, and I have learned that the taste and smell of a brand new rubber dong is NOT conducive to a great BJ performance. Whoda thunk it?


James Lemay kicks it off with the final chapter of "SPOOKY". You don't really believe in ghosts do ya? Well DO YA? Then what about werewolves? Check out the "IT WAS DARK" short story for a really fantastic tale about a gal that hits a wolf on a lonely dark road. Or IS that a wolf? We'll see.. And what about "Underworld"? you ask? Well it's only the finest 5 pages of tentacle intrusion that you'll ever see - that's all! Seriously, waaaay over the edge!

Frankie likes it! And he wants more in "The Perversion of FrankensteinVampire City" swings back into stride with a runaway serial killer werewolf and "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits out "Incumming" about a chance encounter on a lonely planet.

Humbled but persistent,
Mike da Mutant



Gotta be! The "Final Report" was almost sent today. But then there was a little problem.. It seems that a minor miscalculation occurred and now we have to reconfigure for MAXIMUM distance.. and try again! Hehehehehe...! Then there's a bunch of comics! Starting with the "Perversion of Frankenstein" where the good doctor helps Frankie "persuade" his reluctant bride into taking the big green one! And there's a "Fable of Fright" called "A Not So little Girl" that'll take you behind the scenes in a girls school where everybody's an angel. Or maybe they're not so angelic? Hmm..


Careful what you ask for. A noisy couple makin' whoopie attracts the landlady's attention when they get too loud. But she joins in the fun and says she wants to "eat them". I guess they thought it was just a figure of speech! It's a delightfully "Tasty Titbit" called "The Room". And there's lots of biting as the Vampire assassin and her werewolf rapist get down to who lives - and who dies in this week's "Vampire City". She could bite me anytime she wanted!


Yup. His hangout really reeks but he knows how to get the girls! And how to keep them! (Tied up, naked and scared to death.) But that's how love is done in the "Slaughter House". And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spotlights a timing issue this week. You see, one of those monsters in the closet is dispatched to scare some little girl in her bedroom. But something causes the monster to show up about 15 years too late. Too late to scare the little girl.. but NOT too late to sample the woman that she's become! Just makin' the best of an awkward situation!

I do that all the time.
Mike da Mutant



Makes me proud ya know? I mean that poor Spacebabe is goin' WAY above and beyond in order to get that treaty back to Spacebabe Command with her "Final Report" ! But the artificial intelligence ain't makin' it easy. Very embarrassing.. Then while detective Dixon catches a nut with his vampire paramour, across town another vampire gal is about to die horribly! All courtesy of the werewolf serial killer from "Vampire City"! I guess the werewolves are active during hot weather 'cause there's another one lurking in the "Black Forest" just awaiting the occasional stacked-but stupid victim. It's his lucky day!


Just when you thought it was safe >BAM< James Lemay takes us back in time to when histories' uber-badguys walked among us. A sexy thief tries to nab Hitler's favorite pinky stone but gets nabbed herself! But she's hot and smart and maybe.. has a plan... a "SPOOKY" plan! Frankie gets some coaching from the doc this week as he tries to figure out what to do with the unconscious chick and his giant woody in this week's "Perversion of Frankenstein". Nobody said he was smart.


Forested ambushes are NOT just for werewolves! "The Ogre that brought his Cock" lurks there too! And there's plenty of babes to go around - there's a couple of them fighting - right over there! This week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry is "Black Lagoon" which you could probably deduce is about a babe, a scaly lizard guy and a twist! And you're right!

I remain,
Mike da Mutant



Wow. My A.I. spends a lot of time saying it's sorry.. but..It's STILL gonna get a blowjob from that Spacebabe! But after all this hassle will it really be her "Final Report"? Sorry babe. I don't make the rules. Oh wait..I do! BUWAaaaahhh!! Shut up and suck! Speaking of rules, there's some foreplay, monster style, in "Perversion of Frankenstein"! Frank's about to become a Man. Monster. Whatever.


Good thing that Mr. Zxassz was there to stomp out the problem! After all, he doesn't want any competition, especially from BACTERIA! It's in the "Monster Channel". section. There's a gorgeous female vampire "fixer" that's hot on the trail of the werewolf serial killer in "Vampire City". Problem is that he knows she's there and she is about to become his next victim! Then "The Wish" is up in the short story section. Poor lonely thing needs lovin' so she makes a wish. And her not-so-fairy-god-alien decides to drop in and handle it personally!


is STILL a vamp! "Brasov" is also in the short story section and when he puts the bite on - they squeal for more! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits out "Scout of Death" this week. Steroidal Jock goes all King Kong on chicks!

No second dates for him!
Mike da Mutant



Poor SPACEBABE! Imagine getting brain-fucked because of an incompetent underling, salvaging the situation (DIRTY DEAL) and expecting a grand welcome home. Now to reality: Ambassador Phillatia Yerdic just found herself inside an alien communications device that somebody from Spacebabe Command modified to work for humans. But if she's going to transmit that treaty in time to stop an interstellar war she's REALLY gonna have to work at it! "Final Report" illustrates why the job ain't done until the paperwork's filed! Then there's a glorious "Fable of Fright"! "Rape-unzel" starts with her long long hair... but that's where our version gets a bit different than the one you know. Finally, the big green guy snags his babe in this week's "Perversion of Frankenstein" - but now what's he gonna do with her?


James Lemay is back with another "Spooky" adventure! This time a sweet young thing shows up for class and gets a lesson that she'll never forget! Than Matt Dixon avoided getting his.. uh..dixon.. dissolved by a vampires throat acid last week - but he's not making any smart moves and the beautiful fanged bodies are stackin' up in "Vampire City"! New "Lost Lands UNDERWORLD" this week! Tentacles tentacles tentacles! (and of course.. the women who LOVE them!). In the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" you'll find "Pay for Play" - a short story about cyber-assisted sex - and what to look out for!

Thanks fellas!
Mike da Mutant



with "BAD DREAMS"? Know what you mean - me too. But it's a GOOD case of bad dreams 'cause this week I'm running the whole flic - and next week it's GONE when the new movie starts. So get it now and see why everybody's awake! Then Frankenstein's monster is still chasing his bride to be around the lab but it only makes the big guy hornier when she plays hard to get. "The Perversion of Frankenstein" - it's the thrill of the chase! Then a couple short stories: "Initiation" where a gal offers herself to Satan and Satan is happy to oblige and "Ransom" pops up in "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" with alien scumbags and poor Earth-girl that's been kidnapped!


Nope - KILLER SERIALS! Three of 'em this week. "Vampire City" kicks it off with detective Dixon getting a deepthroat interrogation by a vampire slut with acid in her throat. Let's just say that she's got his FULL attention! Then the "Monster Channel" serves up another Invader episode with a sick alien who's nasty virus is about to do in that horny housewife and Eateries wraps up his runaway wife story as the lovers are reunited and death becomes a family affair in this week's "Tasty Titbit"!

Makes me hungry..
Mike da Mutant



Matt Dixon gets worried about a vampire ho and goes to check on her. He discovers she's doin' just fine and has sex with her. After a nap he wakes up next to her decapitated body! Sex is a rough business in the "Vampire City"! It's the conclusion of "Dirty Deal" this week. Well.. sorta. Our Spacebabe still has to deliver the treaty and she's gonna find out that that's NOT that easy! Her trials begin next week!


But his recalcitrant bride ain't havin' none of it! She's just playing hard to get 'cause we KNOW she wants to begin "The Perversion of Frankenstein" as quickly as possible, right? Then a couple short stories. "The Underground" is about a monster hunting gal that scores BIG TIME and "Lunch Break" tells the tale of a hard-working babe that prefers her protein and liquid form. Luckily, there are lots of handy aliens around to help her out!


James Lemay is up with another "SPOOKY" tale! This time a gender-bender encounter takes place in the depths of an ancient castle. And there's something fishy goin' on here! Hell hath no fury greater than a woman "Hijacked"! "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presents the conclusion to Slids sordid twist on space piracy - up now!

And it's all true!
Mike da Mutant



Maybe. My Ambassador whispers to her dim-witted courier (and fellow mind-fuckee) that she knows a way out of their predicament if she'll just follow her lead. But is she really on to something or does the Planton just want her to THINK she is? Hmmm.. Either way it's a "Dirty Deal". Then let's jump to "Vampire City" where we find out that serial vampire fucker and cop Matt Dixon has a sweet 'lil wife at home that gives him head with breakfast. And he cheats on her! Now I'm not one to throw stones but.. But maybe it eats on him - since he's apparently spinning out of control. But on the other hand.. ya only live once! Then it's off to the "Monster Chanel"! This time the city is being demolished even as the Kick-ass Chicks continue their fuck-challenge! They ain't so smart but they sure do pull a lot of vacuum!


With a new "Star Woes"! "I Am Number 69" is a parody of a movie that probably nobody saw (so is it really a parody then?) 'cause it was pretty lame. I like our version a lot better! In our version the alien girl gets a lot more uh.. exposure! Basta is back with "Justice Will be Served" about a much abused babe with a plan to get even and there's a really dark short story up called "New Generation". No it's not Star Trek. It's a whole lot scarier! This week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry is "Hijacked" from Slid. Bad things happen to lonely spacebabes...

..and usually I'm involved!
Mike da Mutant



Not exactly. Doin' it WOLFY style! "Vampire City" just lost two more gorgeous vampire hookers to the deadly bite of the Werewolf! Matt Dixon gets setup for a fall while the killer shreds the vamp-hos at his leasure. The tension mounts and Dixon's credibility evaporates as the murder spree accelerates! Up for a table dance? Check out this week's "Dirty Deal" clips! So what if she's mind controlled by an alien? She can really swing that ass! Then it's love at first sight as Frankensteins monster meets his new bride in "The Perversion of Frankenstein" photo comic.


Esmeralda thinks that she's got the ancient god set up for a fall with all her guards and hostages and a BIG ASS bomb. But Tlaltecuhtli hasn't been fooled and the trap is sprung - ON HER! It's not looking good for the future of the world guys. Better hope that Cameron has something more than just her amazing tits to bring to this "Lost Lands: Underworld" fight! Then we're serving up a terrific short story called "The Sacrifice". Some dirty bastard sold her to the Devil for a piece of gold! THAT'S AN OUTRAGE! (I woulda' paid double dammit!)


"Spooky!" is back from James Lemay! This time it's a super-stacked crate stacker who gets the treatment from the oldie-moldy that she just carried in. The pleasures of the flesh will not be denied - even when the flesh has turned to dust! And lastly the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" just burped up "The Blackest Magic" from eons ago. Silly girls.. Why do they mess with the bull but complain when they get the horns?

Chicks dig fangs.
Mike da Mutant



It's kinda our trademark! First there's "Dirty Deal" where a bungled diplomatic mission has turned two Spacebabes into sex slaves for the entertainment of the Planton ambassador. The overrought alien won't let 'em go until he gets his mental rocks off - and he's just get'n warmed up! Then then third chapter of "Vampire City" is up and Detective Matt Dixon is on the hunt for a grizzly murderer who just killed a gorgeous vampire hooker. But when information is in short supply Matt decides to "interrogate" another Vamp-ho "his way". Just the facts ma'am.. oh, and a blowjob!


The good doctor moves on with his examination of a potential bride for Frankenstein. But for reasons unknown he decides that a bath of acid will determine her suitability for sex with his creation. Huh? That's okay 'cause it's all for science, right? Sure. We'll all benefit from the scholarly experimentation going on in "The Perversion of Frankenstein". I just don't know how. Next up: The Kickass Chicks are back in "The Monster Channel"! Dim wits compliment big tits and super-powers as the girls accept a sex challenge from some ugly monster types. That's their business - but while they're proving their sexual superiority a giant spider is destroying the city! Then a new "Tasty Titbit" advances the story of the lonely chick muncher as he searches for his runaway wife. The object of his desire sneaks out the back way by sacrificing one of her friends for his snacking pleasure. He knows that she's just a "Distraction" but his appetites won't be denied!


Probably not. You'll likely avoid anything doing with water after you see "It Came from the Deep" by Donny! All she wanted was to unwind with a nice little swim - but NO - instead she gets an unbelievable visitor from beneath the waves and a relentless sexual drudging that leaves her exhausted and.. wanting MORE? WTF? Hot chicks are in peril even in their own homes! Especially if they're living on Roswell. This week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry offers another glimpse into the terrible price paid by lonesome maidens as our whole damn planet gets "PROBED" by the lawless hoard of alien intruders! Where will it all end?

Not here.
Not today.
Mike da Mutant



Yeah. For my diplomatic corps. My senior diplomat and her idiot courier are about to get mindfucked by the Planton ambassador. While this is not gonna be much fun for them - let's not get carried away. I mean, diplomats are well known for sealing the deal with a little blowjob under the table if they can't buy their opposition - so what's the big stink? Gosh golly! They're better off - 'least there won't be much clean-up when they're done! I don't make the rules, that's just the way the galaxy works in "Dirty Deal"! Then "The Perversion of Frankenstein" starts this week as the evil doctor whips up a bride for his horny creation. Of course, nobody asked her what she wanted..


gets real complicated for Matt Dixon in "Vampire City". His relations with the Vampire hookers of the city are about to go sour (even as he's bangin' one now) because there's a mysterious killer out there taking out the vamp-ho's! Matt's gonna have to find the killer or suffer the wrath of every vampire knock-out in town. And NOBODY wants that! Then let's get to the short stories this week. "Lazy Buns" is about a gal that finds a secluded beach and goes for a tan. But the beach itself.. is ALIVE! And "Overstuffed" explores the tender relationship between a girl and her collection of little furry friends. Little furry friends who GANG BANG her!


Sure she's a delusional whack-job that lives in a funny farm and wants to kill everybody.. BUT.. she's so damn HOT that I could overlook it! James Lemay presents another issue of "SPOOKY!" and I don't know about you.. but I've dated crazier chicks than her! "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has bubbled up "Return to Roswell" this week. It's really kind of a "sailor gets shore leave and finds a girl" story - if the sailor's an alien!

So enjoy the update!
Mike da Mutant



Damn! Everything was goin' along just fine with the Planton treaty negotiations and then >WHAM< some ditzy courier decides that her hood muffles her voice too much and THEN drops her friggin' robe on the way out! As everybody knows, the Plantons are a race of furry clones that reproduce asexually. But the word "Planton" translates to "brain fuckers" in Galactic speak because they still like to get raunchy. Normally they're pretty easy going but once they see non-furry flesh they lose it and try to brain-fuck everybody in sight! So here we are. "Dirty Deal" is the story of our latest attempt at diplomacy - and how we managed to salvage the agreement. And when it's over our diplomat has to send the treaty to Earth and THAT'S a whole new set of problems! STARTS NOW!


Oh man. I'm running Bobby Bones' "Vampire City" starting this week. It's one of my all-time favorite comic series and I'm gonna run it every week while it lasts. EXCELLENT artwork- this guy really knows how to draw the babes! Then the "Monster Channel" wraps up another vampire tale - but the vamp doesn't fare so well in this one! And there's a new "Fable of Fright" up! "Snowmonster" takes place at an outdoor photo shoot and once you read it you'll never turn your back on a snowman again.


Well, he did it. Kober killed the mighty knocker babe and left her lifeless body behind. "Backslash" ends with a deader! What a waste...! "Special Needs" is in the short story section and a more accommodating hooker you'll never find! Chick sure earns her money. Then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" has burped up "Doctor Spacelove" with a futuristic slice of life from a xeno-space opera! You sure don't see THAT every day!

Mike da Mutant



Huh? No.. I mean that the final part of "Terror from the Void" is online now so get the whole flic while ya can. It'll be gone next week when the new movie starts. And Then check out this week's short stories "Arachnophobia" , "Interrogation" and "Ghost Story" for some instant gratification. Spider monster, space cop and a haunted house. What more could life possibly offer?


"Backslash" gets a fresher and 'lil ms big boobies is quite a fighter! When the handlebars wouldn't put him down she goes for a screwdriver. Now he's punctured in a dozen spots and she's still poking him!. Tough gal. "Belladonna Vance" comes to an end this week with a twist and the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" serves up the final part to "Cyclon 500" - and the race is on!

New movie starts next week!
Mike da Mutant



I was told that "Terror from the Void" was gonna be all about torturing information outta one of my Spcebabes. But so far.. if that's torture you can sign me up! Perhaps the wily Screechna (do you SEE that amazing ass?!!) has more in store but if that tongue bath is supposed to break my Spacebabe, me thinks there's been a communications error! UPDATE: Okay - scratch that. I just looked at next week's final episode and I take it all back. I don't want any of that! And this is funny - Kober the serial undeader is about to get his clock wound by a naked chick with a set of handlebars! And a set of.. HUGE KNOCKERS! Maybe luggin' them uber-boobies around all day has given her super human strength? Looks like she's about to "Backslash" the holy hell outta this zombie!


to "LUNCH"! But don't fall for it! This short story is all about duplicity and guile (not to mention bad manners). Just check the menu first - trust me. Carrying on with the snack theme - that munchy monster is back with a new "Tasty Titbit"! He's closing in on his runaway wife by eating every friend that she's ever had. How long can his reign of terror go on? Will he finally confront the one that got away? And how does he digest all that hair? Yeah.. lots of questions. Stay tuned!


"The Monster Channel" is back with a fresh episode. There's a killer on the hunt and she's just snagged a tipsy party gal that looks ripe for evisceration! But when they hit the sheets for some mutual rug muchin' everything's gonna change! Then it's the final chapter of "Vanya Swan"! She's proven that she's a cold blooded killer but now she has to face the surviving space pirates. Oh my! What WILL she do? And there's loads of fun in this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine"! "Cyclon 500" is up (part one of two). It's like a futuristic alien death-race but with stacked babes that will do A N Y T H I N G to win!

Gotta admire that.
Mike da Mutant



is MISSING! With that ominous statement we meet Rangor of the Void who's managed to catch one of our biggestly overboobed Spacebabes! He thinks that I've entrusted her with the secret location of planet Earths hidden defenses and he's assigned his top interrogator, Screechna, to get the facts at any cost! K.C. Cannons stars with Nadia and a couple of ugly guys in a 3-week long encore presentation of "Terror from the Void". BTW: We've got a brand-new movie in the can but I'm up to me arse in alligators so I've remastered this bitchin' flic from 2009 to buy me some time to edit the new one and really do it justice. "Terror" is shown here for the first time in native resolution (853x480) instead of the tiny sized clips from 6 years ago and I'm running it through in 3 weeks - not 8 or 9 like the first pass. So kick back and enjoy it in three big chunks!


"Spooky" takes a button space for James Lemay's creepy horror series this week. The first issue is up with the master doodlers mental institution gone EVIL tale of one poor babe that's probably NOT feeling rehabilitated! Good stuff.. Then "Belladonna Vance" tangles with the huge-boobed chick with the bad habit and has her wooped! But then some priestess steps in and >ZAP< - it's all for naught! And the slash action continues in "Backslash"! Victim number 2 swings away with a set of handlebars and manages to avoid getting stuck (mostly) - at least so far. But not for long.


"Toy Girl Story" is up in the "StarWoes" section this week. She dresses like Buzz Lightyear but doesn't have his luck. From dinosaurs to Mr. Potatodick - she's the good time had by all! THIS gal is a real ACTION FIGURE but she ain't diggin' the action. Then the "Crowley Manse" has lured in another batch of bimbos looking for a cheap thrill. They sure came to the right place! But I bet they never thought that the house would do - EEK! - what it's doing to them. Naturally, there's a "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" addition too. It's "Devil's Triangle" and there's a lifeboat full of bikini babes that just got rescued by a mysterious dark ship mid-ocean. Yeah.. they got "rescued".. But with "rescues" like that - who needs horrible lingering death?

Not me!
Mike da Mutant



Yup. The top of the freebies page looks like a furniture stores "going out of business" banner! But fret not. Gotta end something to start something new, ya know? There's two short series that wrap it up this week - Donny's third "Nosferatu" comic and the second part of Slid's "Curiosity". But that's okay - we've got more! And 6 of 8 takes her alien buddy to places he's never been (but would probably like to come back to!). It's a "ROGUE" round the world wrap-up and 'ol turtle face finally gets his happy ending! Nothin' left to do but >sigh< and wave goodby! Maybe share a cigarette..?


Uh-oh. Has the ghastly girl gobbler finally caught up to his runaway wife? And if so.. will he merely enslave her or chomp her down with her girl friends as a "Tasty TitBit" Who's gonna clean up that mess? The one the dead gal made in "Backslash". Kober finally "slips it in" on the first gal but he's got a real fight on his hands with the other one. When she slams him upside the head with a steel pipe even the slimy slicer takes notice! And "Vanya Swan" has lips that say "no no no" but her OTHER lips are saying "yeah baby!" to the strangely hued pirates that have her in their grasp! CAN she resist? WILL she survive? MIGHT she still emerge victorious? FIND OUT - in the next issue which is (you guessed it) the CONCLUSION! Then take a trip down memory lane as "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presents another stellar adventure. When the captain goes looking for her crew she finds them - genitally tangled (if ya know what I mean). One of them's her hubby so she's a bit put out - as you might expect. But after the anger there's an accommodation that's so cool that it's "Space Cool"!

Enjoy it fellas!
Mike da Mutant



WTF? That's not fair. But that's what it's come to in "Lost Lands: UNDERWORLD"! Why do they always kill the Mummies? It's RACIST, SEXIST and NON-PC I say! But so what? It's too damn late to keep the ancient god bottled up and now there's gonna be some REAL fun! "Backslash" chalks up one in the "deader" column. She tried so hard to avoid it but now she's toast. Better yet there's FRESH meat to chase and slice!


"Belladonna Vance" get snagged by the bad vamps and.. they all go crazy? Everybody gets laid and some of 'em even get knocked off but.. they ALL seem to be havin' a great time. Huh? There's a second "Nosferatu" comic from Donny up this week and it's enough to make ya wanna dye yer skin grey and file your teeth. Friggin' vampires get ALL the girls! "ROGUE" - just one more week left as 6 of 8 diligently gathers her scientific data (and gets banged like a jack-hammer)! The splattery conclusion is next week! Then it just ain't an update without the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" burpin' out and oldie. This week it's "Service to Our Country" from D'praved. Street hooker, shadowy government goon and a passel of horny aliens - what could possibly go wrong? And belly up to the titty bar as Slid presents "Curiosity" part 1. Mega-babe hears strange noises while she's in the shower. She investigates and discovers some ugly demon nailing her roomie! Now what's she gonna do? Call the cops? Rush in and attack? Join in the fun? Find out next week in part 2!

Can't wait!
Mike da Mutant



gets the best of the energy man - I guess. He's got 6 of 8 in every position he can think of - and she's lovin' it! Wow.. this is not for typical Gorb drone! Obviously this one has gone "ROGUE"! Then long-dead mass murderer Kober finally has his parking lot quarry cornered. But just as he's about to slice of a tasty hunk off >click< a door opens and she falls in! Think she's safe now? Really? Haven't been watching "Backslash" huh?


I call 'em vampires. But I guess if you're a blood sucking killer pervert you can call yourself anything you want. This one interrupts a little "quality time" in the worst possible way. Even for a "Nosferatu"! Now, I know, it's such a stereotype. A bunch of hot babes decide to check out an abandoned mansion and while they're there they get banged by the dead and chopped up like sausage. Stereotype I tell you! What I can't understand why stories like "House of 1000 Terrors" are still so much fun! Damn me..


No It's sewer sex! Classy guy takes a hot bimbo to his sewer hideout for some nookie? Huh? Well Karma gets him when a sewer critter shows up and ends him - then takes the babe! The "Sewer Peril" was all his! It's conclusion time for "Vanya Swan" - no spoilers here! Ok. Fine. She dies in the end. I think. The ever crusty "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spews forth with the final chapter of "Return of the Monsters" this week! I'll never be able to look at Bela Lugosi the same way again..

Guess I can live with that.
Mike da Mutant



"Belladonna Vance" and her new companion (lover, captor?) go back to the Masters castle with that very intention. But the undead orgy might take a pause long enough to deal with them - or not. "Monstrosityverse" tells a tale about a babe that walked into a convenience store and finds the hottie clerk on the floor get'n nailed by some big green lizardy-lookin' thing and quickly gets yanked into the action. Hint: She shoulda run.


what the professor is offering! "XXXcavation SODOM" drops into the short story section with some archeological shenanigans that gets way hot - then way deadly when the accursed city is discovered. And "Backslash" is back with more running and screaming and slashing with a pinch of false hope and some near-misses. 6 of 8 gets bent over and ravished by the newly-minted alien guy in this week's "Rogue" clips - but she's all-in for science!


Another short story - "The Sacrifice" is about a sweet young thing that's left for the Gods - chained to a rock by her people. But she doesn't perish - she gets even! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" burps up part two of "Return of the Monsters". Vampire hottie and a homemade monster. Like cookies and milk.

They just go together!
Mike da Mutant



Lesson learned: non-corporeal does NOT mean non-carnal. The dude in the synthetic body takes charge - much to 6 of 8's delight! He may be new to this but he's certainly got the main idea and this week he'll make her do it his way. "ROGUE" explores new territory as energy man takes on Borg droid! Then that undead asshole Kober has been clubbed and stabbed repeatedly by his intended victim. In a fair fight she would have already killed his clumsy ass and been toasting her victory! But "Backslash" is anything but fair.


So I generally avoid political and religious stuff if at all possible - there's no upside, ya know? But this week there's a new "Star Woes" comic up about Hitler and his untold punishment. If you don't concede that that guy is open to all manner of hate and derision then skip it. And seek counseling. But if you despise him as much as I do - make sure to see "Weird Hitler"! Then "Dr. Brooks Sinister Secret" validates all your fear of the dentist office. Just what a tooth-a-phobic needs huh? Oh well.. This month's "Tasty TitBit" is up! "Room Service" is all about a poor gal that just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time - for a snack! Pass the butter.. (makes her slide down easier).


And she does. "Vanya Swan" is on a tear this week! Her hand cannon blasts the bad guys to oblivion but after her murderous streak is over she makes a shocking discovery - one that changes everything. Then here's a moldy-oldie for ya. "Return of the Monsters" is up with the first of three parts this week. Vampires and Frankenstein in "The W.A.B.A.C. Machine"!

'Till next week,
Mike da Mutant



Okay.. so it's NOT the moon landing. But 6 0f 8 HAS taken science to new places with her un-endorsed carnal coupling with (formerly) un-corporeal being! But I just couldn't stop myself from including the famous audio from that fateful day in July of '69. Worked in well too! This week 'ol non-corp gets a healthy heapin' serving of Borg nookie and starts to show that he's "into it". It's science gone mad as 6 of 8 goes "ROGUE"! Then there's just not much fun in fighting a dead man. She pokes him full of holes and all he does is oooozz - and keeps on coming at her with that knife! "Backslash" just doesn't play fair.


Gimme some of that magical oil from "Lost lands: UNDERGROUND"! There's this sweet 'lil thang next door at the deli that I just love to introduce it too! But for now I'll have to settle for watching all the mummies have fun with there enraged captives I guess. Funny how their attitude changes once that evil goo hits their boobs. And how they don't seem to mind being touched any more. Yeah, gimme some of that! "Belladonna Vance" doesn't need any magic to get her to put out. When the recently escaped vampire babe gets caught by a murderous vampire hunter she's ready, able and willing to make a deal. "Please don't kill me - I'll do.. I'll do ANYTHING to live". >big grin<


They're everywhere tonight! In "The Monster Channel" our freaky alien-next-door, Mr. Zxassz, comes home from a tryst with the crazy fat gal to discover his lover entangled with the mail man. So he whips out his zapper and >poof< the mail won't cum today! And when a busty bimbo gets abducted the men in black send out a decoy to catch those nasty aliens. But all she catches is couple gray stiffies when her "Another Night in the Desert" investigation gets a little too close for comfort! Thank goodness they don't all go out seeking an abduction. It's better when they get snagged outta nowhere, don't you think? Like this week's "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" presentation of "Tales of the Unexpecting" where a real looker gets snatched, "probed" (over and over and over again) and then returned with a 'lil something extra!

Mike da Mutant



He's a long dead serial killer with a knife fetish and he's almost got his latest victim cornered. Bloody and tired, she still tries desperately to flee. Maybe her screams will attract some help? If not, she'll just be the latest "Backslash" victim - but not the last. 6 of 8 parks her ass right on the aliens face this week - just to see what he does! And she's delighted to learn that her "teaching nanites" have given him the general idea. Thus encouraged she proceeds to just show off - deepthroating the ugly critter like she's been waiting for this her whole life! Oh how the Borg have changed in "ROGUE"!


Nah, not yer undies - the short stories that are up this week. First up is "Fertilization". An unsuspecting shopper gets nabbed right out of the clothing store and zapped to an orbiting space ship where she get a close encounter that she'll never forget! Those tentacle guys make sure they check out every nook and cranny. Then a hot (but none too bright) babe takes a wrong turn and gets "Lost in the City". Fortunately, there's a helpful neighborhood guide that just tickled to show her the way out. For a price! Next up, a group of sinister aliens sweet talks a marooned Spacebabe into some group sex. But she shoulda listened when they explained that when they got turned on.. they CHANGE. Cupie dolls morph into crotch splitters in this weeks "Plan 69 from Outer Space"!


Damn! Spacebabes are just falling outta the sky! This weeks "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" entry is "Boobyrella". She crash lands on some nasty alien planet where a nasty alien sex fiend is all ready to show her some.. nasty! But the titty queen ain't one for just lay'n there and taking it so the alien gets a BIG dose of it's own..uh, medicine(?)! And a 5 part series, "Vanya Swan - Space Pirate" kicks off this week. Vanya is really NOT a girly girl to begin with but after these alien pirate perverts get through with her she'll be lucky to still be breathing! Or maybe she'll turn it around on 'em?

Nasty indeed!
Mike da Mutant



Ya gotta give her credit. Since we saw her first sexual encounter 6 of 8 has blossomed! She's trapped a being made only of energy inside a constructed humanoid body and she's gonna show him what he's been missing. And this week she's giving him a blowjob that'll have the entire uberverse talking! Deliciously presented with ultra slow-mo highlights. Don't miss Natalie Minx in "ROGUE"! Then we're starting a new "Monster Channel" episode with that double-dicked alien invader making the discovery of his life. Old gals LOVE Elvis! And idiot aliens who disguise themselves like him!


There's a knife-wielding supernatural serial killer on the loose and he's gonna stick 'em both! "Backslash" begins with a chase and will end with a puddle! And there's a a new "Fable of Fright" called "Ultimate Nightmare". This poor chick can't catch a wink of sleep 'cause that evil clown just kills her friends and titty-fucks her every time she nods off. But he hasn't killed her. Not yet. "Belladonna Vance" takes advantage of the masters distraction (the knocker momma in the habit) to escape. But now that she's free she's still a vampire so what's a girl to do?


are soooo damn easy! "Dora Spikes" is supposed to be guarding the space station but when a dwarf alien invades she's quickly persuaded to forget about security and turns into a sex machine! Hope he can keep up! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" kicks out a classic called "Alien Agent". Have you ever heard the one about the Spacebabe that goes into a bar and...?

Well.. have ya?
Mike da Mutant



ROGUE! Natalie Minx is 6 of 8 a "rescued" Gorb that's gone waaay off the Federation reservation! She's trapped a being of pure energy inside a newly made humanoid body to see how... to see how he likes sex!? She wakes him up and starts her "experiment" - but this time she knows what she's doing! Hey..? Every wonder how a monster like the guy in "Tasty Titbits" gets to be such a freak? Well, wonder no more my friends as we expose the origin of the belly of death! Check out "Thinking Back" in this months update.

It's the final swallow for the "Slither" photostory. And bless her little heart.. she's still throwing punches - all the way down his throat! "The Snowbeast" wraps up with the conclusion of the Yeti tale and another lost comic gets posted (plus the 4 original chapters) as "Monstrositverse" presents "Save the Queen".


More than they can chew I mean. Yup. Check out "Armed and Dangerous" in the short story section. A brace of fine young spacebabes somehow manage to let one alien elude them. See how! And the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" burps up "Canvas of Death" for your light reading. Sicko's turn on each other and it's Die! Die! Everyone DIES!!!.

Thanks for lookin'!
Mike da Mutant



Damn. I'm a day late with the update. Sorry 'bout that. Couldn't get it all together yesterday without scrimping on something. And there's a lot goin' on this week - let's get to it!


Natalie Minx is back as 6 of 8 (formerly of the Gorb collective). But her last encounter led her to new interests and new dangers. There's a five minute clip up for "ROGUE" that lays out the story and next week we find out just how the Gorb goodie gobbler has .. evolved! A hungry snake takes a 2x4 on the nose but methinks that won't stop him. Prob just make him hungry again. "Slither" - it's like a snake habitat - but with chicks instead of mice!


"Dimension Freak" - I skipped a "wrap up" episode that came in kinda late a few months ago. So what the hell - the whole series is up for a limited time. Get 'em now 'cause as soon as I need more button room... >POOF<! "Snowbeast" is up from Kanel Kitch. Babes and frosty giants part 1! Then "Belladonna Vance" becomes the Barons favorite screw-toy until she dives out a window to escape. But she's jumped and screwed everywhere she turns!


Some of that magical gooey stuff that they're using in "Lost Lands: Underworld". It seems that it doesn't matter if you just had a deadly battle with her - just splash some on her boobs and she's yours! Fresh chapter and magical goo! Bringin' up the rear, the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" spits up a cool little comic from Donny called "Homesick". But it shoulda been called "Now my daddy kills you"!

Apologies for tardiness.
Mike da Mutant



She's in a hell that only she can know as her friends watch her suffer helplessly. Perhaps they'll be smart enough to wake her up in this week's conclusion of "DREAMS"? Nahh.. And nobody woke up the blonde in "Tabitha's Nightmares" either! She scared herself awake! "Belladonna Vance" re-unites with her (dead) lover and learns that he's a sex-driven vampire. I guess she's good with that 'cause they have a helluva time before "the Baron" steps in."Jordan Nightshade" is in similar straits when her old love shows up in the midst of a vampire fight. Small world..


That kill-crazy clown is back in this week's "Fable of Fright" called "Third Nightmare". New beauties learn that no orifice goes unused and nobody leaves alive! "Slither" gulps down one and sets out after the other one in this sewer-centered race for survival. Think she can get away? Don't bet on it. They'll burn your world then take your women as sex slaves and recruits! They're the "FIREWALKERS" and they've just been posted to the ever-lovin' "W.A.B.A.C.Machine"!


a word about next week. Natalie Minx is back in the biz and we just shot a terrific follow-up movie to "6 of 8" our total Star Trek rip-off.. uh.. I meant PARODY from a couple of years ago. Ass is being busted as I get it ready for prime-time - NEXT WEEK! Gonna be..

Mike da Mutant



Yeah.. she really should. But takin' demon dick seems to be her priority in "DREAMS". At long last her friends MAY have seen enough to be worried. Maybe they'll wake her up? Or can they? "Belladonna Vance" begins from Succubus Nation this week. She's a vengeance seeking vampire killing machine with a body that won't quit! And after she takes out the vampire that killed her lover and ruined her life she's got a whole coven to wipe out - if they don't get her first! >CRUNCH< "Slither" gets down to gobble-gobble this week as the giant snake grabs a sewer snack. Hell of a price she pays for being clumsy - and slow!


"Fuckontact" is up in the "Starwoes" section this week. And OUR version of Jody Foster has tits and is NOT a lesbian! Well, she probably goes both ways but that alien she's spending time with definitely has MALE-ish characteristics! You won't see this version on the late night re-runs! The Kickass Chicks are up to their usual nonsense on the "Monster Channel" . Daisy pulls a chain of pug-uglies in a tit-for-tat attempt to gather some intel. Meanwhile her sisters are bored so they do what they wanna do (to each other) while she's chuggin' lizard dong. But surely she'll get the latest scoop on the bad guys..right? Then there's a real two-part treat from Furball as "Tabitha's Nightmares" debuts in the "Short Story" section! Tit lovers rejoice! Naturally the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" burps up a classic. This time it's "..a Thousand Words" from Kanel Kitch - complete with unseen creepies, a house of tentacle dick and three dumb-as-rocks but built-for-speed hiker babes! Sounds like an average-to-good weekend from my younger days!


there were two. Scheduling hassles, flaky models and constricted budgets be damned - we've got TWO new movies in the can! Briefly: A couple of spacebabes are sent on a once every seven year mission to renegotiate a treaty and naturally they screw it up beyond recognition. So they'll seal the deal - whatever it takes - or they won't come back alive! And then "6 of 8" has gone ROGUE! She's been drummed out of Star Fleet for her single minded insistence on researching all forms of alien sex! The former Gorb cyborg is being hunted by the fleet even as she performs unspeakable acts upon innocent alien life forms! We'll join her as she attempts to couple with a non-corporeal being that she's trapped inside a made to order body for testing and experimentation. Coming soon!

Can't wait!!!
Mike da Mutant



Dianna Knight is still get'n the big fuzzy guys full attention as she suffers through her "DREAMS" - even as her friends continue to watch with growing concern. Are they gonna wake her up at last? Can they? I'm guessing that the two gals in the "Slither" sewer with the giant snake aren't really CLOSE friends 'cause one of them just abandoned the other and 'ol scaly is about to partake!


Not so much. The Mummies in "Lost Lands Underworld" don't seem to be anybody's friend. And while the gals may think that they're safe for the moment, I assure - they AIN'T! While they gobble down the dead to repair their own bullet-ridden bodies they're quarry falls under the spell of a dart-delivered aphrodisiac! Great idea. Bad timing. Then "Creature Busters" wraps up a 4 week run with the final installment from James Lemay's vampire tale. Bunny will never be quite the same!


"Jordan Nightshade" takes on a whole room full of naked vampires all at once. But they merge sex and violence so well that it's hard to figure out exactly who's in peril - and who's just catchiin' a nut! "Space Slugs" slide in through the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" portal this week. (I'll have to get that seal looked at.)


is required for this next item. Short version. I'm an idiot and completely misplaced/forgot about an issue of "Monster Violation" that showed up after I'd already pulled the button for the series (thinking it was complete). That was months and months ago. But with some timely prodding from a member I dug it up and we're re-posting the whole series this week! All ten issues are up PLUS the new unpublished 11th! But there won't be any more so if you're a fan of ROM's work - get it while you can.

And finally.. we shot a new movie this week! And we're shooting another on Monday!! I'm so damn excited! But I'm gonna be buried it editing. Better start now.

I'll letcha know how it goes!
Mike da Mutant



outrun the snake. I just need to outrun YOU! Yep, it's getting to that point in "Slither"! The sinister slitherer has their scent and he's on the yummy trail. Oh boy! - "Creature Busters" is up with chapter 3. Can a bad girl be happy as a vampire? Duhh.. She looks like she's adjusting quite well! The conclusion bites you right on the neck next week!


Nah.. they're "DREAMS"! Dianna Knight writhes and wiggles and fights and squirms and it's all because of her erotic dream - and we can see the whole thing! The Kickass Chicks are back on "The Monster Channel" and they'll obviously do just about ANYTHING to get the scoop on the bad guys. So she'll stoop to real lows but you gotta admit - she looks great in a trench-coat!


Well.. could be the sound of hot ogre/babe sex taking place beneath your feet in this week's conclusion of "Underground". Or it could be the ear-splitting screams of Marsha Frankenstein after her version of the patchwork monster comes to life in "Lightning Strikes". Nah.. 'probly just the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" cutin' loose with "Terror" this week! I'm not cleaning that up!

'Till next week!
Mike da Mutant



shares a sewer with two ditzy babes that fell into an open manhole cover. And they're just about to meet up in this week's "SLITHER" update! Diana Knight gets the horny Wookie treatment while her oblivious buddies make out right next to her. They're diggin' the show that she puts on while she's thrashing in her "DREAMS". Me too.


Perhaps. But in the here & now there's short stories awaiting you. "Docking Bay 2" is up with TONS of sex. 'Course it's all kinda mechanical.. Then "Underground" serves up a pounding as big-boob-babe meets giant-ugly-cock-thing in the lower regions. Collision alert!


'Is that you? I thought you were dead. You WERE dead! But now I'll just have sex with you right here in the morgue 'cause uh.. what could go wrong?' Yep. That's the scoop in this week's "Creature Busters" from James Lemay. And don't snicker.. you know you'd do her too! "Jordan Nightshade" gets a bit pissy this week and thrashes some vampire around good. But ya can't kill what's already dead and she needs to write that down and remember it 'cause payback's a muther! The "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" just had a toon up (forgive me) so it's in great shape to spit out this week's selection called "Straight Flush" from Donny. She was bet in a poker game and one ugly alien hit the JACKPOT!

Aces and Eights for me.
Mike da Mutant



my head comes outta my ass and I realize that there's a comic in this week's lineup that shoulda been up last week. "The Suit" is a "Tasty TitBit" about scoring with a Santa suit! Just a reminder not to pack away the costume too fast. Could come in handy. Then there's a bevy of short stories up this week. "Underground" is actually a scary two part story about a gal that somebody froze and forgot and "Dead Freaks" is the old "don't make out in the graveyard" tale - but we'll SHOW ya why not!


James Lemay's "Creature Busters" begins with a murder. Somebody sucked the life from her!! And there's three more issues of this nasty little vampire tale so I'll put'em up weekly 'till they're gone. "Future Imperfect" wraps up the short stories with some giant alien insect abuse and then the "W.A.B.A.C. Machine" churns out "No Escape". Those nasty space pirate slavers are at it again!


I'm dreaming! And if my dreams are anything like Dianna Knights "DREAMS" I don't wanna wake up! Uh.. well, assuming I'm the hairy guy in her dream anyway. This week he's plow'n her from behind even as she shreds the sheets in real-life. Her clueless friends watch and make out in awe as Dianna gyrates! Me too!

Best wishes for great '15 guys.
Mike da Mutant

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